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    Baileigh Cold Saw Questions

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions. This is a manual machine with a small coolant reservoir and pump in the base. As it sets now there is a screen in the coolant trough to keep swarf in the trough and not allow it to reenter the tank. There is also a basket in the tank to capture any swarf...
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    Baileigh Cold Saw Questions

    At this point I have a 350mm blade with 110 teeth ground for cutting 1 1/4" to 2 1/2" solid aluminum rounds. I also have a 315mm blade with 100 teeth ground for cutting 2" solid mild streel rounds. Both are from the Cold Saw Blade Store ground specifically with the number of teeth, and a tooth...
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    Baileigh Cold Saw Questions

    I purchased a used Baileigh CS-350-EU cold saw earlier this year. It's now cleaned, repaired and working in the shop. While it hasn't gotten a ton of use it seems to be quicker and more accurate than either the horizontal bandsaw or the power hacksaw. The only "downsides" I see so far are noise...
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    Cold saw problem

    Going back to jscpm's reply have you actually measured the thickness of a test slug at the top of the cut and at the bottom to see if the blade is tracking properly. I had a similar chattering problem with a used Baileigh I bought earlier this year. On 2" aluminum rounds it would start to...
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    Alarm system for remote shop?

    If you're adding internet you might want to consider something like the Arlo Pro 4 camera system. The cameras are motion sensitive and operate day or night. They send an alert to your phone when they are triggered and store the video clip on a remote server. They can also be setup to sound an...
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    Looking For Cold Saw Blades

    Over the last few weeks, I've contacted several companies that make and sell cold saw blades. I purchased my first blade from Grand Blanc Industries in Grand Blanc Michigan. It's a 350 mm diameter 100 tooth HSS blade ground for cutting aluminum. I used it last week on some 1 3/4" solid round...
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    Radial Arm Drill search

    How far are you willing to travel to find one? There are currently 3 or 4 different size radial drills available at RH Liquidations in Waupaca Wisconsin. https://rhliquidators.net/ I have no idea of the size or condition, but it might be worth giving them a call for more information. I've...
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    Small Shop Bandsaw Recommendation

    Another option is a cold saw. They have a relatively small footprint compared to a horizontal bandsaw but can cut just about any material you throw at it within its cutting range. They come in a variety of sizes from a bench top model with a 9" blade to floor models with up to a 17.5" blade...
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    Looking For Cold Saw Blades

    Thanks for the tip. This is my first experience with a cold saw. Until now I hadn't even measured the blade on the machine. I just went out to the shop and low and behold the blade on the machine is a 315 mm. When cutting some material, the last few days I thought it was far noisier than...
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    Looking For Cold Saw Blades

    Diameter is 350mm. Bore is 32mm. Current blade is 2.5 mm thick.
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    Looking For Cold Saw Blades

    As many of you already know i picked up a Baileigh CS-350EU cold saw earlier this year. The saw is up and running so now it's time to invest in a few blades. I'm looking for a blade to do mild steel flats, rounds and round & square tubing. I'm also looking for one to cut nonferrous materials...
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    Advice wanted on a cold saw for an Engineering workshop

    So far, the only things I've cut are 1 1/8" solid round and 2 1/4" solid round. Since I'm a newbie with the machine I'm probably slower than a seasoned veteran. The 1 1/8" round took about 15 seconds and the 2 1/4" took over a minute. I'm sure I could have pushed the saw to cut it faster, but...
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    Advice wanted on a cold saw for an Engineering workshop

    I'm a bit surprised this old thread still has some life. It's a bit ironic it should be revived at this time since I just recently purchased a Baileigh CS-350EU cold saw. This one is a true cold saw with variable blade speeds between 24 and 120 rpm. I must say it does an excellent job and is...
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    How to Clean a Cold Saw?

    I finished cleaning, painting and reassembling the cold saw last weekend. Today I did a number of test cuts to be sure the blade was tracking properly. The first slug was about .006" thicker on the bottom than the top. I followed the instructions in the owner's manual and adjusted the...
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    9" Seneca Falls Star - What is the spindle bore diameter, and can a spindle with a larger bore be installed?

    I have a 1916 era Seneca Falls Star #20 K series lathe. It's referred to as 9" machine but has an actual throw of slightly over 10" with a bed length of 60" As previously mentioned, it has a 3/4" bore. While it is a nice machine it might be a bit slow for your needs. The maximum recommended...
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    New horizontal bandsaw recommendations needed... Budget max $5k-$6k

    Ellis saws are quite popular around this are. There are several shops that have used the model1600 on a daily basis for many years. The ones I've seen don't have rubber tires and use either a 1" or 1 1/4" blade depending on the model. If you've got a lot of material to cut, I would suggest...
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    Garden / mowing tractor any built these days with a horizontal shaft engine

    Another vote for the Deeres. I have a 2000 445 AWS. It has a 22 hp water cooled horizontal shaft Kawasaki, full hydraulics front, center, and rear, front and rear pto, hydraulic 3 point hitch, and all wheel power steering. All implements are shaft driven. In the 22 years I've owned it it's...
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    Can A Cold Saw be Run Without Flood Coolant?

    I've completed disassembling and cleaning all the machine components. I ended up taking a bit more apart than originally intended. It seems some coolant came through an unused bolt hole in the base of the saw and deposited swarf and dried coolant on top of the electrical box. The residue was...
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    Anyone know what's going on with MSC?

    I've been doing business with McMaster for over 35 years. Only one time did I get shipments from multiple sources. In that case the shipping cost was nearly the same as the cost of the items. I called and asked that if in the future items were out of stock in Chicago they give me an email...
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    Anyone know what's going on with MSC?

    I'm in a small town one state and 120 miles from the nearest McMaster location. If I order before 2:30 PM I still get next day delivery.