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    I am looking for some Chrome Steel Balls for a bearing

    I am working on a spindle for a Rivett 104 grinder head and the front bearing has some 11/32 balls in the bearing. I am looking for loose balls, chrome steel, tight tolerance. A pack of 25 would work. I am looking for options for sources? Thanks for looking.
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    Grinding Carbide, Health & Safety, Throat Irritation

    When I grind carbide tools on my Tool and Cutter Grinder with diamond wheels, if I get the slightest amount in my nose or throat I get a bad reaction. I have a vacuum setup and wear a mask almost all of the time, but if for some reason the geometry of the grinding relationship to the vacuum...
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    Automobile Manufacturing, all the new EV's, how is the tooling made?

    We see the large presses stamp all sorts of sheet metal parts for automobiles on videos and books. But I was wondering, how are all the tooling made? The top and bottom forms, the modeling to get it the right shape after it springs back, what steel are they made from, etc. I can understand...
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    Welding small mistakes on Snap Jaw steel jaws.

    Does anyone have experience welding small bites in steel Snap Jaws? I don't know what kind of steel it is and whether bites could be welded and the jaw re-ground. I'm asking for a friend....
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    Sticky coolant issue possibly solved, sticky oil arriving on the stock

    Years ago we started using Hangsterfer's 5030 in the mill and after a few years we noticed the chips would stick on surfaces and a sticky residue would be left on surfaces. We just dealt with it and after a thorough clean up a year ago, we started to get the sticky issue again. Recently, I...
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    Income Limits for ACA Premium Subsidies, now it is a slope instead of a cliff

    It's that time of year again... shopping for health insurance. As of this year, it looks like the ACA subsidy used to be a cliff but now it is a slope. I just found this so I have not verified it on a government web site but it looks legit. ACA Premium Subsidy Cliff Turns Into a Slope In 2021...
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    I need advise milling Haynes 230 and 233

    We have a project to mill some round pockets in some Haynes 230 and 233. We managed to get one completed using a .1875 Ø 5 flute carbide end mill for steel and although we managed to get a part, the end mill was suffering and basically ruined. On the .1875 Ø end mill we were running 50 SFM...
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    Haas Remote Jog Handle RJH-C Broken knob repair

    Yesterday my Haas Remote Jog Handle's small knob broke off. In taking it apart it was discovered that the plastic shaft that the knob attaches to fractured right at the knob. It looks like the interface between the knob and the shaft is a weak design. So a few hours later I had a repair and...
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    Aloris tool holders, are they case hardened or through hardened?

    I am trying to drill an Aloris tool holder and it appears to be quite hard. Does anyone know if these holders are just case hardened or what? What kind of steel would help too. I'll probably anneal it a bit just so I can drill it.
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    FREE, 1890 planer modified to CNC, in Poulsbo WA, near Tacoma

    This machine was originally an 1890-ish Whitcombe Planer and was modified in the 1980’s into a 5 axis CNC machine. It is currently in use in a shop in Poulsbo and is soon to be replaced. It is currently in service and is set up to only use 3 axes for machining aluminum. This machine will be...
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    Freight companies, add on fees for anything they can think of

    Several years ago I shipped a pallet via YRC to a medical facility and after delivery the shipping company tried to add a fee for "limited access deliver". My customer said it was a normal delivery and nothing was different than their usual shipments. After fussing about it they removed it...
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    My collet rack, sensible arrangement for fast finding of collets

    About 30 years ago I made a collet rack for my 5C collets. I wanted a sensible arrangement that would allow me to find the right collet really fast. This is what I came up with. The bottom row is 1/16, 1/8, 3/16, etc. The next row up is 32nds, and the next row is 64ths. The very top row is...
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    Tweaking a Haas TM1 Mill to cut nice circles without bumps

    Here is something that might help a few Haas mill owners. Friction compensation is for when an axis reverses, instead of moving .0001 it may move lets say .0003 to over come the friction. This changes with time and probably other factors. Parameter 138 is for the X axis and 139 is for the Y...
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    CNC Threading issue that took me a while to catch. Feed ramp, end of the thread

    We have been making some parts that have a short 20 pitch thread. The last run was almost fine, but the gauge was just a bit tighter at the end of the thread. I didn't think anything of it but on the next run, I just had to go and mess with the program to make it faster. To try to improve the...
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    For sale, Dorian SDN25AXA tool post. No mounting post or T nut.

    I have a Dorian SDN25AXA was used a bit on my machine and is in almost like new condition. No rust or marks. $165.00 plus shipping. Sorry, image rotates for some reason. email me at [email protected] for more info.
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    Maraging 300 Steel, thin steel part, need some thoughts

    I have a part to machine that is Maraging steel 300 which is like 17-4PH. My plan is to use a Sandvik VCGX 11 02 02-AL H10 which has a small radii and sharp. We only have to rough the part as it will be finished with several OD grinding ops. Probably leave .015 on each surface. The material...
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    Rivett 104 OD grinder, looking for parts

    The subject says 104 but my Rivett OD grinder is a 103, which few were made and even less survive. My machine was bought without a head and tailstock and before I start modifying something and machining a block of cast iron, I would like to see if anyone knows of a Rivett 104 being parted out...
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    Need help identifying a plastic Piston Ring material, Filled Teflon or PTFE I think

    These rectangular section sealing rings are made of a plastic that looks like a Teflon or PTFE that is filled with something. I made some out of virgin PTFE and they are softer than the originals. The original rings are an off white light cream color, not the pure white of PTFE or Teflon. The...
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    What bronze alloys would be best for fine threading and small machined parts.

    We used to make some parts out of 360 brass for a customer but now they are requesting a 954 bronze alloy since it does not have lead and is EU compliant. Will 954 be a good choice for fine threads and small machined parts? Would any other no lead bronze alloy be better than 954?
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    Looking for a piece of Bronze Hollow Bar, 3"OD, 1.5"ID, 6" long

    Looking for a piece of the above. What do you have laying around. Harder the better. Thanks for looking