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    Hoping this subforum keeps getting better and better .. Hello from new moderator

    As username "hanermo" I´m the new moderator and will be doing my best to keep things interesting, on point, and civil. Manufacturing in America and Europe - M.a.e. on PM. The threads in M.A.E. should aim to be balanced, fair, and lowish on personal digs and excessive socio/political baggage or...
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    Tesla and EV cars - update and thoughts

    5/2018 the new Tesla Model 3 is more or less the most popular premium or starter-deluxe sedan in the US. Around 8-10-12.000 tsla Model3 cars/month by run-rate, and the limiting factor is they cannot yet make them fast enough. The best-selling premium sedans in the us are around 7000 / month. At...
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    Electric cars - Tesla and global

    1. My first post lays out things as they are, facts, generally accepted. I am asking for comments, opinions, observations. What do You guys think will happen ? 2. My second post is my observations, comments, opinions. It has major implications for all of use. I think. Moderator - (B)EVs are...
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    Electric cars worldwide - and Tesla

    Has everyone else noticed that the largest new manufacturing company in the USA, Tesla, practically guaranteed a 10x fold expansion of their business today ? We had several comments on this, late last year. My view was that; -they make good products, but had very high execution risk due to low...
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    Wanted: Locknuts M20-0.8

    I am looking for these nuts to fit an existing ballscrew with unusual fine thread. Qty 4. Size M20, and thread fits a metric 0.8 thread gage. Std precision. Any std steel is fine. A modified existing nut (bore and re-thread) is fine. Square or hex or any external form is fine. If anyone will...
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    Making very good bearing fits to 2/3 microns. Lapping ?

    I need to make bearing fits to very good levels. 2-3 microns. Abec9 bearings. Timken, SKF et al say its gotta be +0.000/-0.002-4. 25.000 mm nominal shaft, mics 3-6 microns oversize. I thought about getting some diamond grits, and making a brass lap. To say 24.990, doable for me with a lathe...
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    Turning delrin 10" ?

    Is someone interested in turning some delrin ? I would like some samples, from a large blank. With grooves. About 12 mm widht each groove- These would need to be trepanned, so from a 10" blank you get a ring 199 mm, 166 mm, 130 mm, 100 mm. Groove depth about 10 mm. Width about 15 mm. Ring...