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  1. Chip Chester

    14" wire wheels

    And here I thought I scored some new "rims" for my 60's British sports car. Dang.
  2. Chip Chester

    Looking for pulse generator - handwheel, USB, stand-alone component

    Here are some 'computer grade' options (less robust than a full-on industrial casing). I use the larger one for video related work. Shuttle - Contour Design Inc.
  3. Chip Chester

    WTB: Shaping (Slotting) Attachment for Cincinnati Toolmaster Mill

    That is indeed the critter. I found mine by remembering the unusual cover shape I saw months earlier in a used machinery shop. A buddy happened by there and called to ask if I needed anything. I described the casting shape, and told him the location of the aisle and bin, and asked him to send me...
  4. Chip Chester

    Looking in the Ohio area, what companies do drones or additive manufacturing?

    No ground broken yet to my knowledge -- just announced a month or so ago. Might be an interesting summer in construction-land though.
  5. Chip Chester

    OT: Painting cast iron flower pot, rust prevention

    I did this with a tilt-bed trailer. Started with glass bead blasting to what the guy called "white metal". Just super clean. Then I used brush/roll on cold galvanizing from (I think) ZRC. A gallon weighs a ton, due to all the metal in it. Couple of coats per direction and it's been really good...
  6. Chip Chester

    Service tech overcharging us. Legality?

    Change order or other document with your signature on it would be pretty standard for a $26,000 anything.
  7. Chip Chester

    type of hose for natural gas temporary stand by generator

    Thermite wrote: "ISTR I'd need THREE inch service - from the street and onward - to run a generator set of not-even 22 KVA, given Nat gas residential service is really LOW pressure." Generally yes to the low pressure, but we just had a gas line installed at our new-to-us place. Because of the...
  8. Chip Chester

    Looking in the Ohio area, what companies do drones or additive manufacturing?

    FANUC has some midwest offices. Cincinnati one is right across from Kings Island. INTEL is putting down roots in central Ohio in a big way. Mostly construction at first, but there should be some spicy activity in the coming decade.
  9. Chip Chester

    CNC shop being turned down for business insurance. Who insures you?

    Had a situation like that as well. Client is a huge company. One-man shop (non-machining). Not a 'large' customer in terms of sales, though. Not only would no insurance company quote or write anywhere near the client's desired coverage, but even backing it down to what was actually available...
  10. Chip Chester

    Radiant floor heat VS bolting down equipment

    Did a 1600 square ft. building this past year, in central Ohio. 2" foam around and under the new slab. Used 250 psi extruded poly under the 6" slab. Same basic product also comes in 150 psi, which is not really the thing to use for this. I'm running a gas-fired tankless water heater using RV...
  11. Chip Chester

    O.T. - Best mouse poison

    Been in our new-to-us place out in the country for a year. I'm currently on the warpath for mice, moles/voles, and groundhogs. Groundhogs are easy if you have patience and a risk-free backdrop for shooting. Moles/voles -- more of a challenge. My neighbor has offered to drop off some...
  12. Chip Chester

    What is the capacity of this small tow motor ? (Pic)

    Ahh, but the more your overload it, the easier it is to steer. Though a limit to both does exist...
  13. Chip Chester

    Durbin Durco "fence stretcher"(?) strill in service

    For some of the smaller trees, I plan on using a 5-gal water jug with the bottom cut off. We'll see how it goes...
  14. Chip Chester

    Robot w/ Vision for Sorting From Bulk

    This may be news or old news, but the training vid was pretty interesting. Teach your smart robot - YouTube
  15. Chip Chester

    Durbin Durco "fence stretcher"(?) strill in service

    If you've got more to do, just pick up the stone and slide a piece of HDPE under it before the pull... ;) But seriously, if you have a surplus IBC totes hanging around, their plastic tops/corners/slides make great 'sleds' for pulling all sorts of stuff without killing the lawn or carving new...
  16. Chip Chester

    Shop First Aid Supplies

    Pre-dial 911, and put it in your pocket so your butt hits 'send' if you fall.
  17. Chip Chester

    Shop First Aid Supplies

    The most-used first-aid tool in the box. I have some with integrated magnifying glass. They probably come with that and a LED light nowadays. Note: triple-tap on an iPhone home key brings up a magnifying camera with light and filter options. Handy to help see the little splinters, and fewer...
  18. Chip Chester

    RS232 Connected USB Stick Memory Available? - Like Old Greco Mini File

    The IO Gear USB to RS232 adapter IOGEAR - GUC232A - USB to Serial Adapter has worked well for me for many years. Supported in all OS, and doesn't flake out or drop characters. Also, any of the FTDI chipset converters are good, too: 12in. USB 2.0 RS-232 Serial Adapter FTDI Chip 920K with...
  19. Chip Chester

    New Electrical Vehicle manufacturer VinFast to locate in North Carolina U.S.A.

    Ever notice that many popular "save" icons are still a floppy disk? And that we "dial" a phone number? Anyway, somewhat on-topic for the thread: I'm interested in an EV next time around, but it needs to be a SUV-type vehicle that can carry largish square boxes, which is the equipment I need to...
  20. Chip Chester

    Repair of broken epoxy crete machine base

    If I'm looking at it right, I would fabricate a new leg out of whatever will hold it up... steel, end-grain oak, whatever, and place it under the mostly-intact stump. (Almost like it is in the pics.) Then get some epoxy and glue the broken-off piece in front of the new leg, so you don't see it...