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    What is a good brand for a come-along?

    +1 for Wyeth-Scott
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    Farnborough - 1944 - identification of lathes

    What's going on with the floor? The black substance that seems to be under every machine.
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    black oxide troubleshooting

    I have very good results cleaning with denatured alcohol and paper towels.
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    Preferred lever chain fall?

    I have a A.B. Chance that works well and seems well made.
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    Pratt & Whitney 12C Restoration Pictures

    Thanks for posting such detailed pictures. I got my 12C a while back. It's in really nice mechanical condition but terrible cosmetic shape having spent a few years outside under a tarp. (not me) Your pics and descriptions should be of great help when I start the clean up.
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    Barber Colman Lathe Information

    Thanks for that info hendeyman.
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    Seneca Falls Star Lathe 11”

    That steady rest looks like it’s for a Monarch 10EE.
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    Old porcelain plant sign

    This popped up on CL. I guess in 1920 Human Resources didn't cover it in the employee handbook in orientation on the first day.
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    Canedy-Otto screw press

    That sure looks like a Manley press. Do you know if they had an arrangement?
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    Looking to ID an old metal lathe

    Sorry Cranium, I thought you meant a W.F. & J. Barnes.
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    Looking to ID an old metal lathe

    I don't think Barnes have Vee ways.
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    South Bend Shaper 7"

    Yours is a later model with automatic oiling. That's a plus.
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    Relining a Stevens 25RF to a 22LR

    I've heard of people using Hilti .25 nail gun blanks and altering to fire a bullet. Never done it, be careful.
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    Relining a Stevens 25RF to a 22LR

    What model Stevens? There were a lot.
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    Does anyone on this Forum do bluing?

    I went to gunsmithing school in the early 90's and this was our formula for hot caustic bluing. It is 3 chemicals and we mixed our own by weight. Caustic soda flakes 65%, (sodium hydroxide, also known as lye) Sodium nitrate 25% Sodium nitrite 10% You mix the solution so it boils at around 295...
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    Old Shaper questions

    I like that G&E badge. I bet it was pretty when new. I wonder why Eberhardts is prominent and why it has an "S". Could it be because there were two Eberhardts? The formal name seems to have been Gould & Eberhardt until the company was sold to Norton in 1959. What are those small details at the...
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    Weight of Rockford lathe (was what brand is this...)

    If you don't have an engine hoist you need one. After your first old machine you'll be getting more. Use the hoist to take the drive off first. Be careful because it probably won't be balanced very well and may swing around when the last bolt is removed. It's easy to load, just drive your truck...
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    Monarch 20" M raised?

    Thanks for the replies, interesting.
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    Monarch 20" M raised?

    I was looking over this lathe on CL and noticed a couple of things. Do all bigger Monarch lathes have the saw tooth rack to help lock the tail stock? I've never noticed that before. The lathe also looks like it's raised. I've seen South Bend lathes raised like this but I'm surprised Monarch used...
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    O/T Adding hydraulic oil to old dump truck

    Thanks JC. That explains why the cylinder is so big. It must be 8" in diameter. It has a small fitting about the size of a tire valve stem that must be the fill. Thanks