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    bandsaw blade question

    Great work Stephen, proud to have provided some of the stock for your restoration! I use 1/2" 4T hook blades for resawing veneers. The 3T are faster, but the kerf is wider, get better yield from the 4T. Sometimes yield was critical if I needed a certain number of veneers from a board to make...
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    OT - killing woodworn in fresh sawn white oak for trailer boards.

    Have the logs been sawn yet? Some of the bugs are only interested in the sapwood. Heat treating works well, anyone with a kiln should know all about this stuff
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    OT - killing woodworn in fresh sawn white oak for trailer boards.

    Damn, looked at this while eating lunch, ruined my appetite!
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    Articulated arm vs conventional dial/test indicator stand

    After potting up with solid rod bases for years, I bought a Noga articulated arm base and it has become my go to. So much easier to get the indicator tip exactly where I want it
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    Is a Helical cutter head worth the money??

    I have a shelix on my little 6" PM 50, and I love it - handles intensely curly hard maple with no tearout, and doesn't dull with rosewood and ebony. Hard to say whether you'd get your money back on a sale, but I suspect there are more than a few people out there who would prefer the older...
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    threads per inch in commercial threaded rod

    Ok, someone has to ask this - do you have a way to measure your wood parts to less than .005"?
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    Need a degreaser that leaves little to zero residue...........

    How "pure" does it need to be? Is the big box stuff adequate?
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    hardware trimming -right tool?

    Look at McMaster Carr. They have them with points to hammer into the wood, or the shape you want. https://www.mcmaster.com/tee-nuts/?fbclid=IwAR29mtCaalQ6OTimuwD-KNkKovbi1sCJfjVufKIOAmQNVFfsLn-_L2LemhA
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    disappearing post

    Yeah, I really find that a PIA. But I'm hoping the gods will eventually get around to fixing that.
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    how delete "conversations"?

    Just went to look at this and discovered all my PM's from the good old days have disappeared! Is there any way to recover them
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    A Gerstner clone

    I'm curious, who and where was this mill? My favorite one was in Mansfield, same sort of deal
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    A Gerstner clone

    Nice work, gorgeous wood! I used to drive around in PA & NY looking for sawmills like that, hoping they had hung on to some highly figured stock. Often someone would throw it up in the rafters. Fun way to spend a day, met some interesting people, and got some super wood.
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    Fitting a bowed magnetic chuck

    This is very interesting, thanks guys. I think I dodged that bullet when I bought my Boyar Schultz 612 and dusted the chuck 25 years ago. I was a woodworker just getting into precision metal work, and another guy at the sale gave me some advice.
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    Fitting a bowed magnetic chuck

    How hot are we talking about to cause deformation?
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    Metal bandsaw tension math ?

    Yeah, me too! And every now and then I can contribute something myself.
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    Metal bandsaw tension math ?

    I got my tension gauge because as a woodworker I was sawing .050" veneers from lumber, and the correct tension made a big difference in accuracy of the cut. The .050 veneers cleaned up at .035 in the widebelt. With expensive and rare stuff, a few extra veneers made a big $ difference
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    1700 degrees F hot enough for A2 Heat Treatment?

    Can you tweak your kiln to get a bit hotter? Is the 1700 limit the controller or power/constuction capacity? Add more insulation, heat up the room....
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    Metal bandsaw tension math ?

    Rafael, I think your math is right. Using inches, I get about .004", about .1mm. But in my experience, and I have a bandsaw blade tension gauge, many saws are unable to get the correct tension, require really stout construction. My Powermatic 20" vertical saw can barely get a 1/2" x .025"...
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    Oliver Lathe

    Nice lathe John! How far disassembled was it? Was the headstock in one piece? I had one of those 20 years ago, had to let go of it when I downsized, miss it! When I downsize again, I'm going to swap out the 25C for something much smaller and lighter. But I need 17"-18" swing, and a good...
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    Oliver Lathe

    Actually it was replaced by the 159, about the same size and variable speed. The 25 pattermakers lathes are a lot bigger and heavier, and direct drive. I have a 25C, very smooth, great machine!