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  1. CncFan01

    Deckel Maho DMU 60P X53/C53/A53/Z53/Y53 (Drive not responding ) error

    Good evening everyone! I sometimes have problem due to C53/A53/X53/Y53/Z53 (Drive not respodning) errors. The problem in general is that after a couple of hours of operation the machine produces some of these errors and requires a mandatory reboot of the machine. After reading a lot of...
  2. CncFan01

    Need Help! Deckel Maho DMU60P 1999 ( E60 , Z63 , C53 error)

    Thanks for the answer! I'll look into it and hopefully fix it.
  3. CncFan01

    G53 Reference Point in DMU 50T (MillPlus v320)

    Good evening, I once faced such a problem, but I'm not sure if this solution can help you. 1. You need to manually move each axis to the limit switch until it gives an error, and then back a little after you have done this with all the axes, you can try running reference points. 2. Or you can...
  4. CncFan01

    How to exit from G53-MachineCoordinate setting?

    Good evening, I have a slightly different machine, but I think the principle of operation is the same. You need to hold down the white ON key and then hold down the F10 key, this should activate your machine. After that, you need to press the Alle Achsen button and the green cycle on button...
  5. CncFan01

    Need Help! Deckel Maho DMU60P 1999 ( E60 , Z63 , C53 error)

    Good evening everyone! I need help with my Deckel Maho DMU60P 1999 (MillPLus v410) I have a few errors that I can't find an answer for, I'd be grateful if someone could give me a solution! 1. When I turn on the machine for the first time, I get an error E60 ( Ready signal axes low ), if I turn...
  6. CncFan01

    Problem with table DMU 60P

    If someone encounters such a problem, then know that this method really works. I managed to fix the problem. Many thanks to Deckel Fan!
  7. CncFan01

    Problem with table DMU 60P

    Thanks for the advice! I will try, I hope it works.
  8. CncFan01

    Problem with table DMU 60P

    Hi everyone! I own a 1999 Deckel Maho DMU60P (5axis table/table). I have a problem with the table. Table moves freely 0.25mm, this also manifests itself during processing, most often during drilling, and I can also move it with my hands (I will attach a video). At the same time, the axis of...