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    Moore jig grinder air leak

    We have a Moore jig grinder, model 450CP, with an air leak. The muffler has air flowing out of it constantly, and the vertical stroke slows down dramatically the longer the travel. Can anyone help me on which, if either, of the MAC pneumatic valves is faulty? Thanks in advance for your help!
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    Well, Neil, we will see how long before my latest thread in the EDM forum disappears. I titled...

    Well, Neil, we will see how long before my latest thread in the EDM forum disappears. I titled it "I've been erased???!!!". I hope the "ugly specter of censorship" hasn't reared it's head.
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    I've been erased??!!

    :toetap:Recently I posted a reply in this forum with my completely positive comments on training that I had received from another member here, along with my recommendation that others check him out. Those comments, as well as his reply, have been erased. No trace, gone from both of our posting...
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    communication problem

    are you using a data switch, like a Black Box or similar? The problem could be there; if so, try eliminating the switch & hook directly to one of the machines and try it again....I ran Mits's for years, and we had a lot of trouble with downloading due to cheap cables that were ran beside...
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    CPM-10V, anyone?

    Hi; Does anyone have any suggestions on a supplier for CPM-10V? We are having difficulty finding it these days, and delivery takes forever when we do find it. Our customer won't accept material substitutions, and when a piece is scrapped we have a real situation on our hands. Thanks for your input!
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    Inexpensive Kluber grease supplier?

    Hello all; I'm looking for a supplier of Kluber grease products, namely Isoplex Topas AK50, and Centoplex cx4 375 A4. An Agie Tech mentioned that he thought there was a cheaper supplier, he thought mayber in Jersey(?), but couldn't recall the name. Anybody have any input? Thanks, Ken
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    agie classic 2s question

    Thank you, I'll try that this afternoon...
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    agie classic 2s question

    :bawling:Hello, I'm trying to pick my way through with an Agie classic that my company just picked up. No real training yet, and the manuals aren't all that complete with their descriptions. My question at this point is this: what do I have to do to get it to part off my slug when it tells me...
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    charmilles 240cc questions

    Wow, you won't hear that from too many people anywhere near Cleveland!! Closet Steeler fan, perhaps? Probably not a Pirates fan; heck, there aren't too many of us left in THIS area! Yes, I agree about the control, a nice blend. Athough I must admit that I still haven't completely fallen in love...
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    charmilles 240cc questions

    ah-hah... Now some things are starting to make sense. I'm south of Pittsburgh a bit, and unfortunately I'm putting in some full days right now working 2 jobs while I serve out my 2 weeks' notice. I appreciate your offer; it would be great if I could take you up on it. What you've given me so...
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    charmilles 240cc questions

    I'm at a new job, trying to run a 2004 240cc for the first time without anyone knowlegeable about the machine to help me. I've got a lot of time on 240's & 330's with Fanuc controls, (late-90's vintage) and a 300 & 2020 with the same vintage Charmilles control. So far, it seems pretty clear...