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    Searching Morris Mor-Speed information

    Don't care about that anymore there appears to be no real solution...i need other information if anybody has it, getting ready to start making the new placard's for the front of the machine. I have the down feed placard figured out but the other one for speeds is a mystery I can see the speeds...
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    Brown & Sharpe #2B surface grinder

    What I need is the center in out feed shield that connects to the main casting the one with the pointer or good photos of o. To reproduce … 3d print and make casting …
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    Brown & Sharpe #2B surface grinder

    I have one as well and it’s also just about complete ( having now bought two scrap machines for parts ) only missing one small part that is not completely necessary but would be nice to have. As far as I can tell these never had an oil pump or a central pressurized oiler all of the ones I’ve...
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    Searching Morris Mor-Speed information

    That’s why it’s so confusing… tag says one thing number says another … maybe the rack was swapped out???
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    Searching Morris Mor-Speed information

    Don’t know but a definite war tag
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    Searching Morris Mor-Speed information

    So I purchased a 9”x3’ Morris Mor Speed radial drill and am looking for some information from like minded individuals. First off I’d like to get a good idea of the machines age as it does have a “war finish” tag attached and being of that age and subsequent abuse the machine speed and feed tags...
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    Brown and Sharpe No 2 Surface Grinder information needed

    Jet’s a picture of mine being restored currently, I may have you all beat on age, as you can see from the last photo attached my serial number is 414. I have done extensive research on these machines and have found a few really valuable attachments, such as the guard with dust collection, the...
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    Brown & Sharpe No. 2 Surface Grinder ?

    Looking for a few parts for my B&S no 2 surface grinder I’m in need of some parts , drawings or information for making those parts. Anyone who can help me out I will supply a list of those parts
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    Enco hardness tester

    George: I too am looking at purchasing a model NR and would like to see some literature if it is still available..Rich Guzman @[email protected]
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    Thomas Morse S4C, Flying Woodwork

    I wonder how many folks realize that that rotary engine turns with the prop? that the crank is bolted to the firewall and the whole assembly rotates making turning difficult in those old biplanes due to the gyroscopic effect of the spinning mass..
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    Photo: ...Pioneer Southern California Hot Rodder Barney Navarro...

    Definately flat head, ford or merc. I'm going to say 46'~48' 21 stud block due to the large round watter jacket holes at the deck surface as well as the intake surface being machined flush to the top of the block and the large wing surface infront of the head seat area, besides it makes sense...
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    Pistol box plans?

    Have you looked at these guy's Range Box some great Ideas there
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    Panama Canal crane questions

    Marion steam shovel co and Bucyrus steam shovel co. there was just ashow on that this past weekend on Discovery channel... covered the competition between the two companies and thier weekly talies on the Panama canal... check out wikipedia: Steam shovel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia they...
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    WTB: Trav a Dial Indicator

    There's one for sale on "Fleabay" for 500.00 USD... No seriously, there is.. not that they'l get it . Or, I have three back in Houston in various states, all working but I think one is missing a crystal..dirty but working/ with adj mounting brackets. Pm me
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    What have you made WITH your South Bend?

    What I've spent my time makin.. you wanted to know For the last few years (about 15~16) I spent my time making this. All of the engine parts with the exception of the blower case, injector hat, block and heads, the brakes calipers and mountings, all of the steering parts and all brackets were...
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    Higbee 15' 0.75 at crest?

    A Googled definition: Ref Webster's online dic. The first or outside thread of a hose coupling or nipple is removed to prevent crossing or mutilation of threads. Source: European Union. (references)
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    Hand sharpening

    Lets face it, things change, whether in the shop or in the design department. When I started in this buisness they called it an apprenticeship, and I was an an apprentice draftsman. Drawings were done on vellum (cloth), layed out in pencil, and finished in ink...lettering was king. Later we went...
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    Does anyone know what this odd I beam is?

    I'll have to go with Metal twister here the smallest H beam I have Listed is an M4x13 which is 4" deep and 3.937 wide @ 13#/foot. The 4" stadard "I" beams are an S4x7.7 @ 4" X 2.66 and 7.7#/foot and the S4x9.5 at 4" tall by 2.796 wide @ 9.5#/foot. I tend to think someone messed up when they...
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    BP collet pin/key removal question

    close by help Mike, lets see if I can clear all this up for you. pm me and I'll send you the pages showing the pin replacement
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    oak chest hardware source?

    Reproducing the decal So you have photos...and a final size... P.M. me I think I can help you. Also on the hardware, rocklers is a good site, also try searching ebay in musical instruments, amplifier parts. I bought all new hardware and tolex there real resonable.. . just a thought