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  1. Luke Rickert

    Mikron slideway tapered Gib angle

    They are usually ratios rather than specific angles. 1:50 for example. Can you measure the original gib?
  2. Luke Rickert

    0t--reputation of Stanko frasmaschine in Europe

    I believe Stanko is a generic name for all the machines exported from Russia (perhaps elsewhere in the USSR). From what I have seen they are quite good machines, not super refined but very robust and leaning heavily on the technology "acquired" at the end of the second world war from Germany. So...
  3. Luke Rickert

    Deckel Head material

    If you plan on scraping the adapter for alignment you will want to use gray iron rather than ductile iron. (scraping ductile iron is no fun). Otherwise it really doesn't matter. L
  4. Luke Rickert

    Half Nut material

    Not a great plan I think. If anything aluminum would load up with grit and act like a lap. I also just think it wouldn't work well as a half nut With a bit of cleaning an iron or bronze nut and the lead screw will last decades. You could go with low friction plastic like Igus but that is all...
  5. Luke Rickert

    surface plate cleaner - Windex vs lighter fluid

    I don't like anything like Windex as it can cause rust on tools, same with alcohol. Windex also doesn't work well with real blue (oil based). Any oil based solvent should be fine, I use white sprits, I guess in the states that is "mineral sprits", not so different from lighter fluid.
  6. Luke Rickert

    Four point mounting of granite surface plate

    As far as I understand the production process what matters for the stand is that the plate is supported in the same locations as it was supported by when lapped in the factory. Johann Fischer for example will produce the plate based on whatever points you desire. (within reason) It is...
  7. Luke Rickert

    Have anyone heard about Evig power scraper

    I don't know anything about those (nor can I find anything) , as for a new, somewhat less expensive alternative you can talk to www.renz-eiro.de/verkauf-renz-elektronik-schaber.phpin Germany. There is nothing magic about Biax, there is no reason another company (such as Renz) could make a viable...
  8. Luke Rickert


    good point, how in the world does one break a saddle? Dropping the machine perhaps.
  9. Luke Rickert


    To me the logical place to start is a full disassembly of the machine to see what the problem actually is. If finances are important you are not going to want to buy new parts, even if they are available. Just do a good evaluation of the issues and then find a way to repair it (unless you...
  10. Luke Rickert

    Hand/power scraping tools for dovetail

    You will need silver soldered blades (either Biax or self made), it depends on the size of the ways but probably 10mm wide, maybe as thin as 6mm. The blades are usually sharpened on just one side and rounded over on the other to make them thinner. You also need to make sure there is a relief...
  11. Luke Rickert

    spindle bearings

    If the spindle is bad, the rest of the machine will most likely be worn to death. I am sure it is possible to just have a bad spindle but wear/abuse seems to be generally uniform from what I have seen. I would suggest finding the best condition and most well equipment machine you can afford...
  12. Luke Rickert

    spindle bearings

    As far as I have seen, other than little machines like aciera f1 you should find standard angular contact bearings in spindles of Swiss and German mills. The loads and speeds of a manual mill are rather moderate, if needed you could use standard grade (high quality) bearings and it will work...
  13. Luke Rickert

    View into an SOE dust filter

    That machine has a few hours on it :) I don't think mine we get that full if I never cleaned it for the rest of my life. L
  14. Luke Rickert

    Emco FB3 Wierd machineplate

    Maybe call Emco and ask them what is going on with the machine? I wonder if someone changed the motor at some point.
  15. Luke Rickert

    Emco FB3 Wierd machineplate

    Perhaps you can switch between delta and star (I can never remember which way) and run it on normal 3 phase? I have had a few machines that could be changed like that (just move some jumpers in the terminal box where the cable comes in). Otherwise a stepdown transformer would work. I don't...
  16. Luke Rickert

    Obtaining carbide inserts for hand scraping

    While they may not be the ideal carbide compound it works ok to grind large milling inserts into the desired shape. You just need to grind the surfaces and sliver solder them onto a blade and off you go. For the hobbyist getting started it is good to remember much scraping was done with carbon...
  17. Luke Rickert

    What is a good test run for evaluating a used surface grinder for purchasing ?

    While coolant or at least grinding oil are great, there is no reason accurate work can't be done dry. There are tons of grinder hands who do toolroom type grinding dry and there are many small, high-end grinders that are designed to run without coolant. Particularly for a test, the presence or...
  18. Luke Rickert

    What is a good test run for evaluating a used surface grinder for purchasing ?

    The other option is find a cheap grinder and plan on rebuilding it (just needs to run to start with) It is totally crazy if your time is worth anything but you know what you have at the end of the process. Rescraping my Mikromat was an adventure to be sure :)
  19. Luke Rickert

    What is a good test run for evaluating a used surface grinder for purchasing ?

    It might be a better idea to have multiple smallish parts (all the same height and big enough to stick without risk to moving) and grind them at once with one in the center and then four corners of the chuck. I suppose you really need balance and dress the wheel and regrind and stone the chuck...
  20. Luke Rickert

    24" x 48" granite surface plate AND wtb

    Generally I think it is best to buy new (or reconditioned) surface plates unless you can actually check and repair a used one which is non-trivial). New plates just aren't that expensive, even if you need to import a plate from Europe. Johann Fischer would probably make one in whatever size you...