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  1. alek95

    What is the most enjoyable field of CNC to you?

    What I really like about CNC is that there are so many different skills to master. The last couple of years I have been entirely focused on production work with barfed live-tool subspindle lathes. It's all about process reliability, optimization, and spindle-uptime. I was talking to my buddy...
  2. alek95

    Shop hourly rate for large horizontal boring mills?

    Wow. That's Haas VF2 money....
  3. alek95

    New To Machine Shop

    How can you manage the operations of a machine shop if you don't understand the operations? What happens when you get conflicting information from two trusted sources? I've seen this situation before. Such supervisors are often easily manipulated by everybody. Most of the advice on this...
  4. alek95

    Second shift drama

    Honestly worrying about raises is 430 credit score mindset.... Imagine hoping and praying that the boss man will give you an extra 25 cents per hour this year. Kinda patethic imho. Better to improve your skills and then switch to a higher paying job for a 20-50% bump in pay.
  5. alek95

    Second shift drama

    Problem is that it helps to know how much everyone else is earning so you know how much room you have to negotiate. But you don't want others knowing or talking about how much you make so I think it's best to just lie. If you're making 35, just say that you're making 28, etc.
  6. alek95

    Second shift drama

    We got 4 CNC operators on second shift. Their annual reviews were today. Seems like all of them got the same percentage increase. There's one guy who is always working 110%, trying to get a raise. He's the definition of work hard, not smart. Then there's one guy who's a slacker. He's...
  7. alek95

    End mill price, are they getting out of control? Does anyone have experience with low cost country sourced end mills?

    They have amazing prices for full-form thread mills. The only problem is that their thread mills are all long DOC. Really wish they would offer 2xD or similar.
  8. alek95

    Sandvik CoroCut MB Max coolant pressure seems low?

    Kinda strange. I use these a lot and I've never had issues with internal coolant, although I only have the low pressure pump on the doosans I work with. Personally not the biggest fan of Scamvik but the MB line is the best tool I've found for ID grooving. Highly recommend.
  9. alek95

    Start a (cnc) machine shop for $40k

    I don't get what's wrong? Good for them.
  10. alek95

    Told we didn't make any money.

    The management team should look inward. A responsible management team would try to gather insight on the issues that the company is facing, so that they can address the problems. Shifting blame onto the workers is amateur behavior. If the workers are incompetent, then it's still the...
  11. alek95

    Told we didn't make any money.

    Just switch companies. Everything starts from the top. If the management is pointing fingers and blaming the guys at the bottom, then you know it's a horrible place to work and that the company doesn't have much of a future. The whole purpose of management is to steer the ship. Basically I saw...
  12. alek95

    Anyone want to buy this damn okuma genos off me?

    Why do so many topics on this site devolve into a debates about Haas?
  13. alek95

    Justification for Air Conditioning in Tool & Die Shop

    Like it or not, businesses exist to make money. luckily, workplace temperature and worker productivity has been extensively studied. A quick Google search brings up many examples. Here is an image that compiles multiple studies: It shows that maximum productivity happens in the range of...
  14. alek95

    Tormach's revenge

    Not particularly useful but it gives you more credibility on Instagram
  15. alek95

    Any multitasking mill-turn machine with lower turret below $400k?

    What's the benefit of this machine? Seems like you're paying not much less than the price of a real b-axis millturn and in return you get a lot less versatility and performance.
  16. alek95

    Has Anyone Had Luck With Staffing Agencies?

    100% true. I am yet to come across a process or workflow that is simple or straight forward enough to stop unskilled operators from crashing machines or making bad parts.
  17. alek95

    Any multitasking mill-turn machine with lower turret below $400k?

    Lol are you making drone parts for Ukraine? Doosan SMX is definitely above your price range but I know the Puma MX is about half a million. You might have to go for a used machine if you are limited to 400k.
  18. alek95

    Has Anyone Had Luck With Staffing Agencies?

    @F35Machinist I'm not a shop owner but I'm a shift leader so I have a lot of operators to deal with. I'd say the biggest indicator is if the person has a strong interest in CNC or not. My best operators are guys who are taking CNC courses at a local community College. Also a lot of these...
  19. alek95

    OT: Best steel toe shoes for everyday

    Because I bought it in the store without checking reviews first. I liked how comfortable they were on my feet and I needed new shoes ASAP because my old ones were bad.
  20. alek95

    OT: Best steel toe shoes for everyday

    Update: I ended up buying these shoes at Red Wing. They were just shy of $200. For me they are extremely comfortable. Hopefully they last the entire year (I only get a shoe credit every 12 months). I just checked online, and the reviews are TERRIBLE on Red Wing's site. Everyone is saying...