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  1. gking86

    Looking for programmers / manufacturing engineers in Central Florida (Orlando)

    I work for a shop with solid benefits (free college tuition, good health/vision dental, up to 6% 401k match, etc.) that has employees with 20, 30, etc. year plaques on their desks. Much more relaxed than any other shop I've been in. I started at $81k when I walked in the door for programming. We...
  2. gking86

    Renishaw OTS chipping tools

    I don't recall where, but I've seen someone out on the internet modify their probe routine to touch off at random points on the carbide to distribute the divots evenly.
  3. gking86

    Is over the safe speed limit message on NGC?

    Does anyone happen to know if there is a way to supress the warning that comes up when manually entering a speed in MDI (ex. typing 8000 and then hitting the FWD button)? It pops up a warning "Main Spindle: 8000 RPM Is over the safe speed limit. Continue with commanded speed?"
  4. gking86

    HAAS Automatic Parts Loader .XML-file

    With the robot 1 package, I programmed several APL jobs with the pickup position being the block on top of the existing stack of parts to my desired height. Then the scheduler tab to schedule each of those APL jobs from the top to bottom. The limitation is three layers in that case, but I've...
  5. gking86

    Haas M300 Custom Cycle Efficiency - Robot Package 1?

    Hey, I'm using the custom cycles with M300 to load and unload parts into a VF2. When you use the standard APL features, the robot is pretty smooth overall and loads in and out of the machine without pausing much. However, each time you call an M300 there is a slight pause. I've broken my loads...
  6. gking86

    Water and/or Oil Spots on glass bead and anodize 6061

    We are running a large batch of repeat parts that get a flat black anodize on them. The parts end up in a bucket of soapy water when they come out of the machine, get tumbled in soapy water with ceramic media, dried with compressed air and then a fine glass bead. For some reason, we are now...
  7. gking86

    Sodick Windows Escape Sequence

    Does anyone out there know the proper way to escape to the O/S on Sodick machines? It's apparently sacred knowledge.
  8. gking86

    OT?-Petition To Save Battleship Texas

    Neat. I'll have to check out the collection someday soon. Always looking for things to do with my kids besides go to the Magic House for the 900th time.
  9. gking86

    "If you don't know ask, if you take it out, put it back" list of sayings

    I subscribe to this mantra, but I sure do hate it in our shop. If you are 14:59 early, you don't get paid till the next 15 minute increment. If you are 00:01 late, you lose 15 minutes of pay. I'm never late, but what it ends up promoting is people standing around the time clock for the last 10...
  10. gking86

    Anyone here manufacturing and selling online? What items?

    I just bought some jaw-mounted vice stops from a guy on ebay, it seems like he makes a few different machinist products in a small shop and sells on ebay. Anyone else here manufacture tools or accessories for machining and sell online? I love buying things I need from individuals / small businesses.
  11. gking86

    Burn time for tall part, many noob questions

    At least on my Sodick AD325L, the meter reads resistivity (for those wondering if he is seeing resistivity or conductivity). I've gotten it up past what the meter will even read by scrubbing the tank, changing all the filters and DI resin at the same time. There is a bit of a delay between...
  12. gking86

    Youtube Machinists

    I don't know. I love this shit out of my job. I am only ever dreading going in when I'm still up at midnight and I gotta be back at 330am. Those days are rare though (staying up that late, and going in that early). I was a computer programmer before I got into machining. It was a brutal work...
  13. gking86

    What Happened to Cincinnati Milacron?

    I work for a company called Big 3 Precision. I was very confused for a second.
  14. gking86

    Old Age, no motivation, gone camping.

    You think that's bad? I've had a bad body since I was conceived. I've never even had hair, but if I did I'm sure it would be excruciating. :rolleyes5:
  15. gking86

    Trading with a sane president...

    Southern Illinois, it's $0.97/gal at Walmart Right now and the same at CVS. Prarie Farms or Deans is a little more expensive, but not over $2/gallon unless you buy milk at a Gas Station.
  16. gking86

    Trading with a sane president...

    Really interesting! My great-grandma was Cherokee. She was very dark skinned and black haired she looked very "stereotypical". Her looks skip every other generation. My Grandma and myself were both very light skinned, while my Dad and daughters are both much more dark skinned.
  17. gking86

    OT two week notice

    Semantics. Pay, Reward, Remuneration, Bounty, whatever. You receive something for doing something. My four year old understands this concept, she gets rewarded for chores. If it makes you feel better about your job, call it whatever you want.
  18. gking86

    Where to build a website?

    I'm always willing to trade website work for machinist tools or money to turn into tools. Just saying.
  19. gking86

    Dial Caliper measurements

    ...I should really make a script to make these boxes smaller.
  20. gking86

    O/T weed and feed recommendations

    I gave up on the manicured lawn a long time ago (especially now that I have 5 acres of just grass to mow). Overseed the whole thing with a white clover, fixes nitrogen and feeds the bees!