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    Best metal lathe for a rookie?

    South Bend 10L lathe, nine inch too small, 10K just a large 9 inch lathe. The 10L takes 5C collets and has a large spindle hole, very useful! I bought mine fifty years ago, still use it and love it. Small imported lathes weak and wimpy, don't waste your time and money. If you need a drill press...
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    Large Wall Clock Will Not Work

    Most of the modern German clock movements have plated staffs and unbushed plates. The plating replaces hardened staffs, when the plating wears off or the holes in the plates go egg shaped its time to replace the movement. Chelsea Clock still manufactures a high quality movement.
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    Turning 13" long .875 delrin rod down to .770

    Consider centerless grinding. Even with a follower rest you will have difficulties.
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    Major Rusting Issues In Our Building All Of A Sudden??

    Look at the periodic table, fluorine is under chlorine Florine makes chlorine look friendly. Any trace of muriatic or hydrochloric acid, even a very small spill is big trouble
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    what's with the usps? i've shipped parts and ordered materials and no dice?

    I place an order on March 3 The package was to go from Hingham to Waltham, MA. Distance maybe 25 Miles. This is the tracking information I received Hingham, MA 4-March 9 59 PM Nashua, NH 4-March 11 49 PM. Nashua is approximately 50 miles north of Hingham. Boston, MA 5 March 2 05 PM. Boston...
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    Slight OT, where to get large ish hard steel bushings?

    Torrington needle bearing separate outer races?
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    Help with electromatic chuck control

    I do not know anything specific to your chuck control, but it may have a transformer and it must have a rectifier to convert AC into DC power. Trouble shooting should not be complicated. Can you provide some pictures or a wiring schematic.
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    New member with an old compressor

    Hydro test the tank. A good tank is a blessing, a bad tank is a bomb.
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    OT: Better then billet

    This is a revolutionary development Did Coleman file for patent protection?
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    Help with switches Goodway GW1440

    They look standard industrial switches, readily available.
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    Help with switches Goodway GW1440

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    Air Compressor Tank - Leaking Drain

    Is your tank National Board coded? There should be a steel tag welded the the tank shell with the manufactures name, date of construction, maximum allowable working pressure and other information. No tag, no go. To test the tank, fill it completely full of water. You can pressurize the tank...
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    Where can I buy in Massachusetts measuring tools of good quality ?

    Brothers is still around in Newton, NH. I am not sure how active they are these days, or even if Bruce still uses the Brothers name. I think Bruce uses space from his sons machinery moving business. 6 Puzzle Lane, 978 688 2888
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    Restoring Gerstner Machinist Chest

    Just for the sake of argument why not try something simple like double faced tape. Easy to replace when the felt gets worn or soiled.
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    Mall Saw

    I can see the diffrence between square and romboid.
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    Mall Saw

    I have a Mall circular saw model 70, 12 Amp motor, worm drive saw It uses a 7 1/4inch diameter blade. The blade has a 13/16 inch square hole. The saw has hardly ever been used. Is there any source for replacement blades? I am not sure that I can the blade I have sharpened unless some shop has a...
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    Is It Possible for Me to Repair This Small Electric Motor?

    Standard game, stick on something extra, now it's a special. Name your price. Purchase the standard motor frame and modify as needed. Example, Delta Unisaw motor, it's a special Actually a standard motor frame with a special bracket welded on, simple fix, cut the bracket of the old motor, weld...
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    OT - Old belt driven diesel generator for home backup?

    Read the generator plate carefully, I see 50 stamped on the plate, means 50 cycles, Hertz today. You would have to raise the engine RPM to produce 60 what ever you want to call the output.
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    Fried Bridgeport motor - repair advice or replacement needed

    Talk to Stearns, Perry, and Smith in Quincy, old line, very old line motor repair shop. I have used them and recommend them.