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    Variable for Minimum Z for Shop Documentation

    Hi everyone, I would like to share a situation we are facing in our workplace. We use the NX software for programming our CNC machines, and the "shop documentation" feature to provide detailed information about the machining process and the tools to be used. However, we have recently...
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    MAZAK SmoothC - Setting a Tool Load Limit?

    I tested this program on my lathe and a linear tracking error appears, probably because I don't have this option on the machine, I hope I can add it, as this will improve the process a lot. But that was it, I thought that the way I did the program could be wrong. Thank you, it helped me a lot...
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    MAZAK SmoothC - Setting a Tool Load Limit?

    Hello! I am trying to program a MAZAK QT-C 200M Lathe, MAZATROL SMOOTHC. My question is if I can limit how much effort the tool makes. For example, if you pass a certain % of effort, the machine stops, or if the machine performs a certain operation and the effort is equal to zero, I know that...