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    Can someone explain how worn out 155mm artillery barrels are rebored??

    I was Ordnance, working on such things. There is an Army Manual. Evaluation of Cannon Tubes. Erosion, wear, stripped lands, cracks. Inspection procedures, Effective round count, etc. Wonderful torture device, Bore Pullover Gage. For measuring bore diameter at different spots...
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    Help identifying an old dividing head

    One problem with B&S taper specs off a simple chart. 3 different lengths of the #10 are standard, so large diameter will differ. The middle length, is mill spindle standard. MH does not even list large end of the taper, only small end. A quick way to check taper per inch, is to put taper...
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    Help identifying an old dividing head

    One problem with going by arbitrar y
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    Identify knee mill

    Often no lip/mechanical seal used on spindle. Total loss oiling can be a good thing. Oil and contaminent particles run out bottom, instead of turning into a nice slurry... taking out $ precision spindle bearings. Sealed pregreased precision bearings were an option for Bridgeport spindles. For...
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    Anyone ever watch these "machinists"?

    If your Leg, Dog, or Kid, was caught in them..... I think you would like the pain to quit quickly. Then rapidly freewheel, whatever was caught, free. Clutch or relief valve. does not care what hurts, time is money.......
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    sb 9 back gear missing detent/tensioner - won't stay in back gear.

    My 37 workshop is the same.. I put a pad of copper wool, down the rear backgear guard screw hole... Tightening guard screw, pushes pad against backgear eccentric sleeve. A longer screw could be fitted, with a jam nut, for a bit classier setup..
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    Step belt J-Head - quill skirt loose from quill - how to re-attach? (and related ?s)

    Best to watch a video..... Reassembling the Bridgeport Quill Housing - YouTube Not much work involved. BP often puts setscrews on top of setscrews... No need to mess with spindle bearings, unless they need replacing. Quill can drop out the bottom as a unit... Should be no need for fancy...
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    Aftermarket Power Feed for Series 2

    Type 150 Power Feed A Stock Item for Series II....... Part numbers listed....
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    Need help replacing brake shoe

    H&W should have videos on Youtub.... Bridgeport Variable Speed Head Top-Half Dissasembly - YouTube On my step pulley machines, I cheat.. and turn a bigger brake shoe pivot pin/screw. And make a thicker/wider brake cam.. Spaces old shoes out a bit more. Collets??? R8 collets never held...
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    Bridgeport head I’d help

    A Chinese or Taiwanese clone.. Quite a few different makers, labels.. Start comparing casting shapes, remnant of Makers label on belt housing shape, to other heads..
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    British Ajax AJT4 mill lube blockage, rwemedy?

    Sounds like standard Bijur fittings. Restrictor fittings are numbered. When clogged, just replace... Bijur Oiler fittings - check valve or? Here is just 1 site, that breaks parts down pretty simply: Bijur Lubrication Products - H & W Machine Repair
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    machining keyway in 8" bore

    Scaled up National keyseater cutter.... Home - National Machine Tool Co.
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    Advice for VFD for Bridgeport M head

    Have had pretty good luck with AC Tech and the Teco L510 drives.. On the L510, use the online manual, instead of one supplied in the box. A lot more info on setting up, and wiring different types of switches... I use a military ammo can with its bottom mounted vertically, for an enclosure...
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    Bale Spike Hydraulics Problems.

    Bog standard truck or atv winch setup.. If motor was grounded like a car starter, you would have to reverse polarity of entire car, to rotate motor in reverse. So both brushes go to relays/contactors/switch, that reverses polarity and thus direction... Look up wiring and trouble shooting, for...
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    Removing the Quill Stop Microscrew when the Reverse Trip Lever is Broken and Jammed

    All this because.. The snap ring on micrometer screw at bottom, was broken, missing, or not seated in groove... Little thing causing big problems.. Always check for the snap ring.. No ring?? Better order a new trip lever.... And a snap ring...
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    size of thread on leadscrew dial indicator locking bolt

    My 1937 9 in has just a 3/8 pin for the thread dial mounting shaft. 2ea 1/4-20 Allen head setscrews about 1/2 in long... engage divots in the pin, on top of indicator casting, and side/front of apron... Setscrews set below surface of castings when tight.. A longer 1/4-20 could be used on...
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    Evaluating step belt B'port head statically? (laying on a workbench)

    A BP spindle is not in the same class, as a 20k rpm CNC spindle.. A couple Pin spanners. Very clean parts. To make things even simpler, sealed P4 grade bearings are available. H&W slaps them together pretty quick in a Youtube vid.. I spend a bit more time, but a BP is a kids wagon wheel...
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    Measure pitch diameter of odd number of teeth gear

    Sounds like a job for... Gear tooth calipers......
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    Spindle vibration on a BP clone with VFD speed control

    There is such a thing as TOO stable Drill 1/8th in holes on a #2 Horizontal.. Or a #4 vertical... Where did that feel go????? Horizontal loves big cuts, big work.. BP never designed to be a chippie monster. Was designed to do things, not easily done on Stable machines...