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    Can someone Make Sense of this Code?

    I've worked at shops where we use that code to pull or fetch programs from the server instead of having a USB or going back and forth to a DNC computer to load programs.
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    Used Machine Financing

    I went to Quickturn Financial. They are a broker and I ended up with Banterra as the bank. I think they were the only bank that would touch my loan since it was a 9 year old Haas minimill and I had no credit history with my business. If you're established I'm sure you'll have more options than I...
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    Should I stay or should I go? Advice on employment situation / Just need to vent

    You sound like you're done with the place. You've probably been there too long and are a little scared to jump ship. My dad was in the same place. When he started working as a machinist the company was great. Great pay at the time, bonuses, profit sharing, 401k match. Slowly things changed to...
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    Detergent for coolant

    Fans...I meant days for a few days. Sorry.
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    Detergent for coolant

    I was planning on changing out the coolant on a haas minimill this weekend. It's been over a year and it's starting to smell not so great. Maintenence guy at work told me to run whamex from Master Stages for a few fans before changing it out but since I didn't plan this very well I can't get it...
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    Xometry Premium Partner

    No, no fee but I need to have a quality management system in place and they want a virtual tour of the shop.
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    Xometry Premium Partner

    Hi all, I know how most feel about Xometry so I ask this question hoping I don't get jumped by everyone. Anyone on here a premium partner with xometry? If so, can you give some detail on how things changed on the job board once you reached this level?
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    Fusion 360 thread verify

    Is there a way to verify what threads are modeled in Fusion 360? I had a model that I was fairly sure had 10-32 threads. I sent it to a friend who uses solidworks and all he had to do was select the helical features and software told him 10-32. I thought that was pretty cool but haven't been...
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    Used Machine Specifications For Start Up Business

    Last year I went with a 2012 Haas Minimill. Paid 24k including tool holders, collets, and a kurt vise. I had maintenance issues with it june - september that set me back close to 5k. Max RPM on this machine is 6000 which to be honest is good enough most of the time. However sometimes I end up...
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    Just an update. Customer approved to ship the parts as is. As for me, I think I am going to avoid anodizing jobs for a while, at least the ones where tolerances are sub ±.001. Thank you all for your input.
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    Ok this makes no sense to me now. The holes are actually oversize by over .001. The biggest one was .6264 before anodizing and now they are .6275. What am I missing?? What did I do wrong?
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    He said those exact words. I'm suppose to get the parts end of this week so we'll see how it goes. I hope it works out well because he isn't too far from my place and its very convenient.
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    In hindsight I should have just called the guy and asked instead of googling. They do aerospace but I am not sure if they have NADCAP cert. They way I understood him was type 2 goes into the material and type 3 will coat the outer layer. Hopefully I get the .0002 thickness.
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    Hello fellas, Took a job that requires type 2 black anodizing, first job requiring that finish. Print calls out .625 hole +.001/-.0004. I machined it to .6264 because everything I saw online said that type of anodizing adds anywhere from .0002 to .0005 to a surface so I figured the hole would...
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    Power supply keeps shorting out?

    I have it on single phase power. It's in my residential garage and it's the only option I have right now. What are you thinking?
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    Power supply keeps shorting out?

    Yes. They called it a Reagan and said it was working fine. At this point I'm really at a loss
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    Power supply keeps shorting out?

    Long story grab a chair. I've had my 2012 Haas mini mill in my residential garage since about February. In June out of the blue something happened that fried my power supply and spindle amp. I had a tech (not haas) come out and checked things out but at the end all he did was replace the power...
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    SCM440 case harden

    Hello everyone, I have a customer who asked to machine some emergency 5C collets for them and case harden to 40-50rc. I bought the collets from Lyndex and they told me the steel is SCM440 however my heat treat company isnt familiar with that material. Have you guys heat treated SCM440 or heat...
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    Fusion 360 RIPS OFF subscription customers by removing multiaxis tool paths

    I have been considering 360 for a HAAS Minimill in my garage. I like 360 but I've been using a friend's account and it's about time I get my own. This thread scares me now.
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    CNC Milling newbie needs help

    Well I touch off the tools to the table using a tool setter or a 123 block then subtract the tool setter distance. Then to set my G54 I measure distance from table to top of stock. This number is always positive. I'll drop .01 on the z in G54 to make sure I get a clean up with the face mill Then...