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    Ultrasonic Cleaners

    Hocut 795? It needs one more letter after the numbers. If it is B I am really surprised it is staining the aluminum. If it is H I have no experience with it but it is designed for Honda and they work the crap out of it. Is the coolant using straight tap water or is it D.I. or something along...
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    Welding 4140

    100%! 312 is the best of the stainless welding rods IMO. Welding 4140 is so prone to cracking. 4130 is so much better for welding.
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    Rotary Broaching for Beginners

    100% this company is awesome. They honestly went above and beyond and solved a problem I did not think could be fixed. Great product!
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    For Sale Deckel FP1

    Machine is sold pending pick-up.
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    For Sale Deckel FP1

    Dials are imperial and it is 3 phase and all original electric.
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    For Sale ! ! !

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    For Sale Deckel FP1

    First generation (I believe a 1964) Deckel FP1 in excellent condition with both horizontal and vertical spindles. They are both MT4 but the vertical head has the R8 adapter installed and a drawbar. The horizontal spindle is MT4 with a drawbar. All axis power feeds are fully functional. The...
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    Rotary Broaching for Beginners

    I will raise you with titanium 6-2-4-2 which is even harder than 6-4 and brutal on tool life. I have to enter the part at 10rpm max until good engagement and tools must have a radius or they chip on the first part.
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    Rotary Broaching for Beginners

    All your information will be supplied by the company that makes the broach. I use Polygon Solutions and their customer service is excellent. Broaching aluminum is really easy and all you need to focus on is your entry speed and once engaged you can assume everything will work as intended. A...
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    Brother Speedio Spindle Rattle

    https://www.campat.com/services/ I had an excellent experience with this company.
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    Thoughts on Quaser Verticals

    Feel free to PM me for easier contact.
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    Thoughts on Quaser Verticals

    I spent a good amount of time searching for an extended travel Y axis machine and eventually landed on Micro Dynamics and their Tera line. I have the 40V which is a 40"x28" travel VMC with a Mits control. The machine is made and based on Kitamura VMC's that use linear ways. It is made in the...
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    Fanuc 18i-TB program from memory card

    My Fanuc control will only run 64 and under from a certain brand no matter what type of formatting is done. Also it can on occasion corrupt a card and deem it useless. They are very sensitive.
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    Lathe, choosing the correct inserts for different materials

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    Coolant Filtering Advice

    I have had the worst experience with this actual system. I have one installed on my Okuma which consumes a really healthy amount of way oil (metal on metal box way machines will do that). The Okuma has the "tank" as part of the casting so getting access is not the easiest task. With that said...
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    Kitamura Mycenter HX250G

    There is a sensor that is looking for the table to be in position. When it pulls down onto the standoffs there is a sensor that is on the fixed position and it knows if the table is down or up (during the change). On a sparkchanger it is on the back left of the table when looking at it from...
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    Kitamura Mycenter HX250G

    Sounds to me like a sensor is not working because a wire is loose or about to break. I had a similar issue with a Sparkchanger clone. Luckily I found the splice in the wire and soldered it back together. Issue went away after that.
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    Kitamura mill opinions Arumatick jr control

    On all these new machines there is a PC mounted inside the electric cabinet. With Mits you can load the program and run it from the hard drive on that PC. It gives you near endless memory as the PC hard drive has insane memory capacity.
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    OKUMA LB15 training

    I have an OSP U10L control which should be similar to that control. I had a half day training session and I was good to go (I did already know how to run a CNC mill). It is a rather simple control. To be honest it is harder to transfer programs and deal with that aspect of the control than it...