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    Bad results firing 5.56 Nato in a .223 rifle

    Yes. 223 min headspace to .330" datum is 1.4636 and NATO is 1.4646, not related to squeezing the neck. Longer throat allows engraving to start slightly later during the firing sequence in 556 vs 223. I believe the difference in case construction us usually only found in the webbing at the...
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    Fanuc 0t controller help

    So this is what worked. Take a test cut on the diameter of the part and back the tool away in Z only. Go to the tool offset page and highlight the tool active (with offset active during my testing). Measure OD of the part On the offset page type "M Z (value of diameter)" Press input This...
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    Fanuc 0t controller help

    So take a cut, go into MDI or tool offset and do measure X = whatever the dimension is?
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    Fanuc 0t controller help

    Hello, Self taught here and I'm not finding the solution in my manual or search. I would like to know if its possible to set tool offset for a given tool by taking a cut and using a command in the tool offset pages similar to how I can set the work offset Z using the following command after...