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    Rotary Type Grinders - Uses?

    we use one for reaction faces on caterpillar final drive components where only a section of the face reqs machining but can be used for a multitude of jobs flywheels pressure plates etc
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    O.D. Grinding in S.E. U.S.

    David I noticed you checked straightness in a chuck,I have always found it better to check for bend on rollers or between centres as a shaft this long will sag and the chuck will lock the sag in position.This can give 2 errors either indicating a bent shaft is straight or visa versa.Also its...
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    Secrets of centerles grinding....Anyone know em'

    Good morning from down under scruffy I found this site earlier from MODERN MACHINE SHOP. I dont know how to put things up to click on but here is the web site mmsonline.com/article its titled Centreless Grinding:Not Magic Its also on google. good luck
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    cincinatti centerless grinder

    Thanks for the advice huntinguy, the main prob we had was the thread rotation and the type of spanner.We have since found this info and have changed and balanced the wheel.And your right about the dangers they had one guy lose four fingers in this machine by pushing a job in by hand he got one...
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    cincinatti centerless grinder

    I need advice on wheel hub removal on a cincinatti centerless grinder .The original operator has gone on holidays and locked away the tools and manual.Can anyone tell me the thread type left or right and any tips to remove hub from spindle.I dont have a model number but its pretty old.Any help...
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    What is your LEAST favorite measuring instrument?

    I was in Jakarta to teach crank grinding,they had these electric micrometers which had a motor drive you had no feel with them they couldn't measure within 1/2'' of a shoulder and were about 1'' wide so you couldn't measure a journal with the steady rest which had to stay in place as we use a...
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    OT: Burned cooking untensils

    Check that any chemicals you use will not remain on metal after cleaning,stainless should be safe.We use fresh caustic to clean most stuff except alloys as a previous general manager found out when he hung his wifes electric frypan in overnight and ended up with a really clean handle and element...
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    OT: anyone ever worked with "RayBESTOS"

    In Australia any building to be demolished containing asbestos/fibro has to be stripped out by specialists and bagged and disposed of to strict rules. The same applies to storm damaged buildings which are dealt with by fire brigade only. This makes me think back to when we used to smash the...
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    Grinding pure nickle, best wheel

    I have ground nickel plated shafts on a crank grinder and it didn't matter what wheel I used it still stuck.Just had to keep dressing the wheel until I finished but then I was removing more material than you will and it was only a coating on a solid shaft.Hopfully someone else has done a similar...
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    O.T. Please tell me I done good! Dodge Diesel truck

    I was wondering what the opinion is over there of the Holden/Pontiac utes which I've heard will be sent over soon with 5.7 chevs? Though basically a sedan size similar to the El Caminos, not a heavy tower, would a diesel option be wiser?
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    How to cut a blind internal keyway?

    I think eKretz is right about the welding,probably the only way to detect the weld would be electro magnetic crack test or checking for hardness difference at junction.Is there any advantage in a one piece over a welded job?
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    Turning down S&D drill shank

    The most accurate way I can think of to hold the drill is to drill or bore a piece of mild bar in the lathe (but don't overtighten) to the drill size then slot one side.insert the drill and clamp in chuck in same position, that way the flutes will be running true even if the shank isn't.
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    Turning down S&D drill shank

    Do you have or know anyone with a toolpost grinder or even clamp a decent air die grinder to your toolpost then taking light cuts you should be able to grind the shank if its too hard to turn.
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    Looking at Ox's questions it sounds like the cylinders need to be clamped stationary possibly due to shape or difficulty in setting up to run true to bore out.He prefers not to ream and looking at the required finish I think honing or planetary grinding would give the best results.But I would...
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    Rock is right on the money, Sunnen make hones for close and honing conrods and line honing which remove metal fast and accurately.They use 2 metal shoes and a quick release stone and also have diamond impregnated collars to true up the stone to eliminate bell mouthing.Your only alternative would...
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    Crank grinder set up - I need help.

    One question does the end with the centre have mounts to take a chuck?, a lot of machines have removable chucks to allow centre grinding if so you might be able to source one from a machinery dealer or replicate the other end to fit, can you trace the previous owner?.
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    OT: suggestions to hollow out tree trunck?

    Mark I would agree with the idea of removing splitting and hollowing.You could then securely mount it and use some sort of water proofing to stop it rotting and becoming dangerous later on,to work on it standing would require a solid platform and maybe a strong pedestal drill with large auger...
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    Crank grinder set up - I need help.

    Rookie 53 I have been grinding cranks for 30 odd years but unfortunatley have only used grinders with 2 chucks.I think it would be best to set up the second chuck first as depending on what you intend grinding you will save time and be more accurate with stroke and indexing, ovality, etc in the...
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    Built up crankshaft query...

    I am currently finish grinding stroker cranks for nissan patrols and toyota landcruisers these are turned from billet 4340 on all main, snout and seal dimensions at .50mm o/size and pin areas first machined to a diam allowing for stroke, pin size and finish machining also leaving metal to finish...
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    Crank grinders or engine reconditioners

    Hello I was wondering if there are any crank grinders or engine reconditioners out there. It would be good to share some ideas and maybe solve some problems.