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    OT - Update: 66' Well Submersible Pump STUCK.

    brothers well brings up iron laden water ...zero rusting of the steel ,but the iron in solution oxidizes to red silt and blocks everything with ironstone.
  2. J

    LS flywheel dimensions

    Claimed any Chevvy trans will fit any Chev motor ,including the 6s
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    Programming idea to inspire young machinist

    From gun forums ,it seems for your own use is legal ,to sell it you need to comply with the 80% rule (frame ,this is)...any other parts are no problem ,except you may be infringing patents .
  4. J

    Mobil Spinesstic 10

    A lot of early dozers used diesel fuel in torque converters .......the important thing in converters is that the oil doesnt hold air bubbles /foam .....as soon as this happens ,drive disappears which can be disconcerting on the face of a 1 in 1 slope
  5. J

    WTB 13x25 lathe

    The Colchester /Burnerd Multisize collet setup is a good one ,as it will cover both metric and inch material within its range.......It also uses a push tube ,so no threads are involved in changing over collets.
  6. J

    Why should an employee have confidence in your business?

    Fortunately???....I never had any capital to consume............I went out on my own with a home made arc welder powered by a Ford 10 hp motor ,and a set of tools that cost $40 ,all in the back of an old International truck.....I was very frequently told that I wasnt making wages ,but was...
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    Cutting undersize, what to check on Hercus 9” Lathe

    At one time Hercus actually made the 9" lathe for South Bend.
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    oversized inch standard with micrometer. How can i get it corrected?

    Is that a metal case ,velvet liner .....got to be seriously old ........anyhoo,complain to Mito ,they will probably send you a new standard.
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    Possible dumb question, which steel to replace cast iron?

    In the 1980s ,earthmover makers went hog wild over large castings made of nodular iron.........the catch ---or maybe the intention---- was the castings couldnt be welded ........not that this was ever stated specifically .....generally ,just the "nodular iron" logo was cast into them..........J...
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    Possible dumb question, which steel to replace cast iron?

    Tractor housings are mostly nodular iron if made since the 1960s ...........and having fixed heavy equipment since the 1960s,I have never noticed any cheap OEM parts......unless you refer to used salvage parts...........anyhoo ,anything made of steel will be made of high strength alloy steel...
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    Cutting undersize, what to check on Hercus 9” Lathe

    You can also get an effect where the saddle rotates on the bed ..........the DRO reads from a scale ,It does not read diameter ,radius ,or anything else .
  12. J

    Problems sourcing 4 jaw chuck

    Typically ,with un common spindle flanges,you modify your chuck to suit ......a simple machining operation to drill and tap four stud holes to suit ,and machine a register in the back of the chuck ............If you use separate mounting plates with small lathes ,you will lose too much centre...
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    Ot...ship hits bridge

    Precisely ...they were using heavy bunker oil while tied up to save money .
  14. J

    What is EDM wire made of?

    That was in an old western movie ...the town was called Molly -Be- Damned ....Jason Robards ,I think .great actor ,underrated.
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    Ot...ship hits bridge

    Big fuss in Hobart recently ,a cheap crap cruise ship covered half the city in stinking white diesel fumes ,trying to save a few bucks on light distillate.
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    OT: Komatsu launches micro size electric excavator.

    i said to one of the young guys doing my drainage .."Dont you dig by hand any more ".......he points to his boots and says "These are $2800 a pair custom made boots.........they dont get dirt on them"
  17. J

    Portable drill hone that will give me the best shot at BORING to the next size up (0.25mm)?

    IH used to recommend using feeler strips and a pull gauge instead of measuring pistons and bores due to the probability of error.
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    OT: Komatsu launches micro size electric excavator.

    Get in a plumber to do a bit of drain work ......plumbers do not touch shovels any more ..........they charge you $1000 a day for a trailer with three different size excavators aboard ..........they had a tiny one like that ,driven by a lawnmower type engine.
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    Recovering scrap for usable material.

    RWD axles ,sway bars ,torsion bars ,leaf springs,heavy coil springs .....save !
  20. J

    Recovering scrap for usable material.

    From two speed Eaton diffs .........save the four bronze planetary pins .......the four pins equal length to a bit of bronze that cost $200+ ,and big Eatons #4&#5 the pins are around 2" dia ,total length maybe 24"..........see what a bronze bar that size costs.