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    experience with shotgun scopes

    Friends and I here in Southern Michigan have put upwards of 1000 rounds of all available slugs through a variety of scoped slug guns over the years (Remington 870 and 1100, Mossberg, Marlin, Browning, Benelli, etc). I have yet to see a ruined scope. The only real problem I have seen has been...
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    Shortening Fluted Barrel

    Thanks to everyone who offered advice. It looks like I will rebarrel and simply shorten. If it turns out I cannot possibly live with a fluted muzzle, I'll just turn it down.
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    Shortening Fluted Barrel

    Looking for thoughts on shortening a fluted barrel. I have a used fluted stainless Bartlein barrel given to me by a friend who competes a great deal in Palma competition. The rifling is fine, but the chamber is due to be set back, and he didn't want a barrel shorter than 30". Origional idea...
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    help Identifying a gun

    Iver Johnson? Pics would help greatly.
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    Solar Power

    Solar ROI We are in the Solar PV (photovoltaic) business. You need to bear in mind that there is currently no place in the world where solar PV has a positive return on investment without government subsidy. You are right on the money that the US Govt tax credit is where the payback comes in...
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    So you figure out invisible table repair... what's your business model/strategy?

    Darn! My invisible table has been broken for months! I was hoping you had something...
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    Anybody using 3D printing technology?

    The future of low volume manufacturing as we see it On our old machine, we get resolution measured in the thousandths. Add vapor honing to the finished product, and you can obtain a polished finished. New machines are claiming single pixel resolution. We are molders and stampers, and have...
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    Smoothbore 22?

    Careful what you wish for... Back to the original poster...Be careful what you wish for. My personal experience with this same situation is... For years we had just a couple of squirrels in the yard. Although they hit Dad's vegetable garden pretty hard, they were protected by the absolute...
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    Hi Smallshop. I noticed from your avatar that you are located in North Central Montana. As you...

    Hi Smallshop. I noticed from your avatar that you are located in North Central Montana. As you can tell from my screen name, I am from Michigan. However, I own some land (old family howmstead) just north of Winnett. Completely off-topic from machining, but I was wondering if you are from...
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    Smoothbore 22?

    CCI makes .22 shotshells. They have a tranlucent plastic cap on the fornt to hold the #12 shot. They are made for use in rifled barrels, but in fact, the rifling spreads them rather quickly. A solid hit at 15 feet on a red squirrel will NOT, in my experience, kill a squirrel. Winchester also...
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    Elgin/Hardinge Splitbed Turret Lathe

    Over 200 people have looked at this post. Anyone intrerested?
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    Elgin/Hardinge Splitbed Turret Lathe

    Elgin lathe, identical to Hardinge split bed. Has automatic collet closer. Includes cross slide, 2 tailstocks, 6-station turrent tailstock, 5C collets from 1/16" to 7/8" by 16ths, automatic collet closer, 3-jaw chuck and 4-jaw chuck. Wired for 3 phase, can supply Ratiotrol phase converter if...
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    FS Hardinge Turret Tailstock

    Elgin/Hardinge Split Bed I have an Elgin split bed, more or less identical to the Hardinge, for sale. It has the automatic collet closer, and comes with 2 regular tailstocks, the turret tailstock like above, 3-jaw chuck and 4-jaw chuck. I'll also include collets from from 1/8" to 7/8" by...
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    best hand loading manual?

    Best Reloading Manual I have used all of the big three already mentioned. They are all good, but for the mechanics of reloading (the hows and whys) I think the reloading manual available from Precision Shhoting magazine is the best. It is, however, fairly weak in the the loading data (i.e...
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    Arboga EM825 mill drill

    PM Sent.....
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    which lathe

    Thanks LBrooksand others. Your advice helped. What also helped was the fact that the Atlas turned out not to have the change gears even tough they were listed. So, still have the Elgin/Hardinge
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    which lathe

    I currently have a an old Elgin splitbed (same as Hardinge split bed) with conventional and turret tailstocks. I originally bought it for some tinkering and gun repair. Now I have the chance to sell it off, and buy an Atlas 10" Model TH-42 F-series. The Elgin is "Built H**l for Stout", and I...
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    Management nOObs fresh from School

    Being a manager with an MBA myself, I had to research this some more. As it turns out, there is indeed a theory of "distributed training," but it seems your fresh-out misunderstands the definition. The general idea is that in today's environment so much specialized knowledge is needed for the...
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    Rigid 700 base

    I read an article, maybe 2 years ago, in Precision Shooting about stiffening an action with a 1-pc base. If I recall correctly, the key was to use a hardened roll pin, press-fit throught the mount into the action. Any 1-pc mount was suitable. Should be steel, not aluminum.
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    OT:2nd amendment concerns

    Back to the original thread... The second Amendment Foundation (SAF) seems to be a pretty good group. They have recieved some of my money. Gunowners of America (GOA) is also excellent. They seem to be the ones storming the beaches in the this fight. They have recieved a littel more of my...