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  1. J

    Does anyone make a quiet CNC Lathe

    We have a pretty big Mazak lathe. Sure you hear the hydraulics but it has never bothered me. I think the electronics cabinet cooling fan is louder.
  2. J

    Hiring from abroad

    This is the kind of thing I'm afraid of. Seriously though (just curious) how does this compare to hiring someone who comes in illegally from the Mexican border?
  3. J

    Hiring from abroad

    We are a very small shop in the hiring process and got a very applicable resume from someone overseas. I don't know how practical it will be for us to pursue this, but it does have me thinking now. Has anyone hired someone for a machinist type position from overseas? If so, could you tell me...
  4. J

    Live tool drilling with spindle.

    I have done both in my Mazak 450MY. I have spotted with a 90* spot drill oversize to leave some chamfer after finishing the hole with a HSS drill. I have also used carbide drill with no spot and then used the spot drill to chamfer. I do a lot of threaded holes in shaft centers and normally do...
  5. J

    Tooling for new lathe

    Pretty new Mazak 450MY, 10ft between centers. I am not sure what the difference is between CAT40 and BT40 and I could be using the wrong name. Although Capto tool holders existed we opted for the CAT40 as that was more standard from Mazak. The only other standard option was ER32 collets with...
  6. J

    Tooling for new lathe

    I think a lot of it will depend on the work you're doing; high production vs low production, lots of tools vs not many, lots of tool changes vs not many, high precision vs not as precise, etc. I have a good tool vendor and they took a lot of time to talk me through tooling up and I had a lot to...
  7. J

    Porosity in Babbitt sleeve

    I also found it interesting the babbitt is on the shaft and not the housing. I don't do aerospace work but chrome and grind bearing areas of large shafts that go in a babbitt bearing. Sometimes chrome can have pits but that is a different issue and you are not fixing that with babbitt and...
  8. J

    Face or turn?

    I think I would rough face about .08-.100"doc, .012" feed, 350 fpm. I'd leave about .01" to finish with a different tool and about .006" feed. That's a good size ID so I wouldn't worry about the RPM spinning up too much (at least on my machine). Take it with a grain of salt; I've never done...
  9. J

    Experienced CNC Lathe Programmer/Machinist (Mazak)

    If you believe you may not be fully ready for this position but believe you are a good candidate to grow into it and want to be regarded as a self sufficient and competent team member, let me know. We can take time training and bring you up to speed on what we do in order to progressively pass...
  10. J

    Experienced CNC Lathe Programmer/Machinist (Mazak)

    Job Summary: We are currently seeking a skilled and independent minded CNC Lathe Programmer/Machinist experienced in Mazatrol to join our team. If you are a machinist capable of taking a drawing for a large complex part and executing all tasks required to produce it right the first time, we want...
  11. J

    Crash into sub spindle on new Smooth G Mazak. No big deal.

    I am not sure the difference in their workings, but the virtual machining will identify conflicts that the 2d toolpath animation will not. One that sticks out in my head is seeing the virtual tool turn red while making a cut that had some kind of interference.
  12. J

    First robot suggestions?

    Our first was a Fanuc M16. I know it sounds bigger than you want, but realize that the whole work envelope is not as useable as you may think, not currently having a robot. when that arm starts extending pretty straight, the joints are moving quick and it doesn't seem good for the robot or the...
  13. J

    Good quality lathe side floor mat

    I am looking for a high quality, not made in china floor mat for next to a CNC lathe. It doesn't spill many chips, but those that do get blown out I'd like to fall through some kind of holes. Bonus points if its not to awkward to have a stool on it. I have found a few on the internet, but I'd...
  14. J

    Considering relocating

    Lane, I am with a smaller machine shop (<20 employees) in New Orleans. We just opened a second facility and are definitely understaffed. We specialize in emergency repair for rotating and reciprocating equipment and as such, there is a new puzzle to solve every day. I believe it pays above...