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    lenses in old gas regulators

    I would stick with plastic / plexiglass for 'homemade' lenses. Remember you have high pressure gas in those gauges. If the bourdon tube ruptures, I would worry that regular window glass (annealed flat glass) could turn into high velocity razor sharp splinters flying through your shop. I assume...
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    OT: What size coal does a steam engine/Loco use ?

    Most railroads bought 'run of the mine' coal since it was the cheapest per ton. 'Run of the mine' was whatever size came out of the pit, anything from soccer ball size to dust. After WW2, the Louisville and Nashville (L&N) railroad found that 'double screened' coal gave the lowest overall cost...
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    I'm outsourcing all of my forging needs here.............Chinese forging video.

    It was one of those horrible but cannot turn it off videos, like watching a video of a burning nuclear reactor. But those 1890 methods take a terrible toll on people. Assuming that they are not knocked off the job by a crippling (or mortal) injury, by the time they are 45 they will be saying...
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    Henry A. Steelman converter revisited

    Found answer to my own question. Found this at the Monarch Lathe forum on this site. peterh5322 writes; "I have not detailed the values of the capacitors. Clearly, the run capacitors must be 370 VAC, minimum (740 volts when placed in series for 460 volts), and the start capacitors must be...
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    Henry A. Steelman converter revisited

    Is there a table or formula for the amount of capacitance needed for the start and run capacitors??? Piper106
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    Large holes in thin metal

    As far as the questions that were asked; I only have a few holes to make this time. Yes, it is a milling machine, but its low horsepower and low rigidity. There will be two holes in line on opposite sides of the 3" x 2" tubing, but tolerances are loose enough that I should be able to do the...
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    Broken foot - What to do??

    I have a 10K benchtop model South Bend lathe, and the foot casting at the tail stock end is broken. Any suggestions on how to repair??? The 'ear' for one of the benchtop mounting bolts is broken out from the rest of the casting. I have the broken piece and when the two pieces are placed...
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    Large holes in thin metal

    Total newbie question. Do I need any special technique or tool when the diameter of the hole is 5 times (or more) the thickness of the metal?? I my particular case I need to make some 5/8" diameter holes in 0.125" wall rectangular carbon steel tubing. The finished hole needs to be -0 /...
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    NASA Manual on Fasteners

    Semi-highjack. Years ago saw the results of an Air Force (?) experiment that tested the vibration resistance of various thread locking methods; lockwashers, safety wire, Locktite, nylon locking inserts, etc. It showed that lockwashers were more or less useless, and I wanted to show this to...
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    Small % hole enlargement - ream or drill???

    Success. Bought a straight flute letter size 'P' chucking reamer for less than $10. Reamed the holes, no problem. Nice new US made quality 3/8-16 taper / starter tap, and liberal application of TapMagic and no problem getting the holes tapped. Did some research on the 'Net, and found...
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    Small % hole enlargement - ream or drill???

    Drilled a number of holes 5/16", and found out that they should have been letter size 'P' (0.323"). Is that a big enough difference that a 'P' size drill would work without grabbing and breaking, or should I get a 'P' size reamer and ream the holes??? Piper106 Backstory. Need to tap some...
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    Belt shifting vs. variable speed motor

    I'd like to open a can of worms; Those that have a variable speed motor on their South Bend lathe, please rate your experience. Is the variable speed the greatest thing since sliced bread and now that you've tried it wouldn't have it any other way?? No big deal either way? Useless new...
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    9" Southbend for sale (lathe)

    Could you give any more details?? Pictures? Side mounted motor or underdrive? Bed length? Indoors all its life or as the say on Ebay "light surface rust"??? Depending on what you have and price I'm interested. Piper106