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    Brother HS-100

    I run a HS-100 as a hobby. It's a fascinating little machine, very capable for its size and age. I have never needed a lot of spares, the ones I did need are standard off-the-shelf components. You can still get new wire guides from AliExpress, there's also a German company making them on order...
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    Brother HS-300 on the way

    Hi Seymour! Just a heads up: If you ever want the Brother COMS software running on a modern machine, it is indeed possible! I send programs to and from my HS-100 via RS-232 on a Windows 10 PC. I run the BASIC program in a DOS-like enviroment, using DOS-Box and an appropriate GUI (Dos Panel). I...
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    Wanted: Charmilles CAM Software - Intelligent Programming System

    Hi all, a friend of mine has just purchased several old Roboform sinker machines (Roboform 22s I believe). From what I could gather, Charmilles offered some sort of CAM software for their Form machines, refered to in manuals as IPS - Intelligent Programming System. We've had a very hard time...
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    Looking for BROTHER Wire EDM CAM Software - Quick Draw

    When I got my machine back in 2020, it came with full documentation with QD-2. Just without the program itself. I did get the original communication software (Bro-COM) running on Windows 10, using DOS Box as an emulator. Works really well. I'll try to find an old version of BobCAD and try to...
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    Looking for BROTHER Wire EDM CAM Software - Quick Draw

    Hi everyone! I am running a 1987 Brother HS-100 wire EDM machine. To program the machine, I am using a CAM system which was originally designed for engraving and simple milling jobs. Fortunately, the post processor was relatively easy to adapt, but it's still a pain to get the contour...