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    Clausing model 4900 10-24 lathe

    Thank you. I thought it was similar to the Logan but it does get tight when I try. I will cut a wood wedge and try that.
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    Clausing model 4900 10-24 lathe

    I do have a manual on this newly acquired lathe. I have the following questions. The lathe came with a live center in the tail stock, and the manual says it’s supposed to be a #2 Morse taper. The question is how is the live center and taper properly removed so I could insert a drill chuck? I...
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    Logan 9B parts needed

    A moving company damaged my 9B and I did not discover the damage until after the contractual time had expired. I am looking for the left end lead screw bracket. It is unique to the 9B per Scott at Logan. I also need the fine cross feed screw. Mine is bent from the move as well as the turn...