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    Car lift gantry crane

    I fabricated this I beam rolling gantry for my BendPak 4 post car lift. These lifts have rails inside the two ramps to accommodate rolling bridge jacks. I don't need a bridge jack, but this should help unload items up to 1,000 lbs. or so from my pickup bed. The bottom of the cross beam is 85"...
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    O T vise stand

    One way of getting a fairly large diameter column for a vise stand is to cut the ends off a small defunct CO2 or Oxygen tank. Here is one being fitted to a 22 1/2" diameter Budd semi rim using 5 of the original bolt holes.
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    Mini engine hoist for basement shop

    I've had this Bluebird engine hoist for many years. Used mainly by tool rental companies, these disassemble without tools for easy transport in a pickup. Unfortunately, as I have gotten older, I can no longer lift the parts to assemble it, and so bought a new folding hoist. After several...
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    No one makes a small vertical metal cutting bandsaw

    It seems that no one manufactures a small vertical metal cutting bandsaw. Yet little horizontal saws and vertical wood cutting saws flood the market. Many resort to fabricating a stand to hold their portable bandsaw in a vertical position. I can't fit any more equipment in my garage, and I...
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    Questions about wiring a 115v single phase Baldor motor

    It's all wired up now, and works perfectly. Thank you all!
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    Questions about wiring a 115v single phase Baldor motor

    The motor came today. I wired it up temporarily to an extension cord with the receptacle end cut off. I connected white to white, red from motor to black from cord, and a wire from a screw on the motor case to the green on the cord. It ran perfectly counter-clockwise, which is what I wanted...
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    Questions about wiring a 115v single phase Baldor motor

    I just purchased a 3/4 hp single phase Baldor motor on eBay, which hasn't arrived yet. I need it to rotate counter clockwise when looking at the shaft end. There are three wires sticking out of the motor - green, red, and white. I understand that the green is ground, and it doesn't matter...
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    Using your Harbor Freight press with a Swag brake in the way

    Lacking the space for both a press brake and a separate hydraulic press for my home shop, I year or so ago I bought a Swag finger brake for my Harbor Freight 20 ton press. I found it obnoxious to give up my ability to use the press when it was occupied by the brake. It was tiresome to have to...
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    troyke disassembly??

    I just took my BH-9 apart and cleaned it. I believe the procedure is the same for the BH-12. The diagram is for a BH-12. Here is the procedure: 1. Remove table lock screw (537). Remove the lock rod behind the screw. Mine had a 1/4-20 threaded hole in it, so I screwed a matching bolt into...
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    Repurposed old Troyke rotary table as welding positioner

    Three clamping shaft collars and some scrap steel bar make a sturdy fully adjustable hand rest. It can also accommodate a Tweco torch holder.
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    Repurposed old Troyke rotary table as welding positioner

    Here is my first attempt with the positioner. Speed was probably a bit slow. I'll have to do some experimenting. Ground arrangement worked great!
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    Repurposed old Troyke rotary table as welding positioner

    I came up with a method of grounding the unit -- a spring loaded brass rod rides against the edge of the table top. The ground can either be clamped or bolted to the mounting bracket. The ground bracket uses nylon bolts and flat washers to insulate it.
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    Repurposed old Troyke rotary table as welding positioner

    I couldn't find any buyers for my old 9" Troyke rotary table, so I combined it with some drill press parts to make a welding positioner. As pictured the table has a speed range of around .5 rpm to 5 rpm, and the range can be changed via timing pulley changes. I am adding a 12" diameter face...
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    Suggestions for Startup Manufacturing Businesses

    Can you share any details about your new business operation?
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    Would This be Profitable to Sell?

    In spite of this group's subtlety, I was able to read between the lines that there isn't much enthusiasm for this project. I agree that it's a bad idea. In case there is any interest, here is the same motorcycle shape cut out with plasma and with laser for comparison purposes. The laser cut...
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    Would This be Profitable to Sell?

    Sendcutsend quotes in 1/8" thick material: Quote in mild steel: Quote in stainless:
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    Would This be Profitable to Sell?

    My dad lived until 98 1/2, and got a patent when he was 82.
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    Would This be Profitable to Sell?

    Light kit was an option available in the U.S. Quote from article "A large number of these bikes left the showroom with lighting added for use as fast street bikes, and in particular for street drag racing, a popular sport among American youth in the '60s..." Here is the entire article...
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    Would This be Profitable to Sell?

    Thank you all for your thoughtful input. I came up with Torchmate many years ago. I'm now 82 years old, fully retired, and trying to keep busy. It may happen to you one day.