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    G92 vs G54 for WEDM

    Hi Guys I use an Excetek machine, I done a few tests where I machine two squares. I began to machine the first square, made the wire snap, made it look for the next G92. I ran the program with a G92 for the next wire thread and it worked and then I ran it without a G92 and it still went to the...
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    VISI Wire - Excetek

    Hi Guys Does anyone use VISI for their wire EDM and they use the technology on the machine and not actually on the cam package? I'm new to VISI so hopefully someone can walk me through how to do it. Thanks
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    Wire EDM Inconel 600

    I am also wire edm'ing inconel about 100mm thick, I was running at about 1.25mm a minute on a rough cut with standard tech, would you consider this slow ?
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    G92 vs G54 for WEDM

    Hello Seymour, I know this is a really old post and I dont know if you are still on this but it seems like you know what you are talking about when it comes to wire EDM. I use G54 - G59 work offsets and when I post a wire program from bobcad, it also contains a g92 x0 y0 after the G54 x0 y0...
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    Siemens 828d Haimer probe and setting tool heights

    Hello We have a new cnc machine that has siemens 828d. I want to set up the tool table so that all the tools have a positive tool length from the guage line. We have a haimer 3d taster manual probe and also have a manual tool setter that is set to 50mm high when it reads 0. What are the...
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    Right Angle Head Programming in Powermill

    We have a right angle head that Is in a 3 axis machine and the head is fixed in the x direction. We will be putting a face mill into it and will be machining the faces from the left hand side of the job so the tool will be pointing right (X+), there will also be a pocket we want to machine also...