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    Rider feet for machines

    @FredC: Cant't correct title once submitted :( @L Vanice The CV-59 is about the right height. The Clausing next to is the one I want to raise up. ~5" is the right spot. The Hardinge cabinet is curious to me- it looks like it already has 3 'hard' spots that it sits on (Its been a while since I...
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    Rider feet for machines

    funny enough you should say this, one machine is a DV-59 you've helped me with!
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    Rider feet for machines

    Hi all - I am wanting to raise my primary machines to make them more ergonomic. Has anyone raied their machines up like this? I am reorganizeng/cleaning and have the manual op lathes on skates and realized how much more natural they feel 6"-8" higher. I can't believe no one has seemed to...
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    Source for MK8 M7 nozzles (for Qidi X-Plus II)?

    Good nozzles do not fix crappy filament or a shitty print. Having consistent extrusion from a nozzle removes that variable from the equation. To put it in perspective: I have been int he reprap game for 10 years now. I have seen all sorts of things come and go. Consistency and repeatability is...
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    Source for MK8 M7 nozzles (for Qidi X-Plus II)?

    By performance do you mean how do the original prodcuts work compared to the Chinese knock offs? Micro-swiss developed the first Mk10 all metal nozzle and heatbreak. Runice has not been able to match it. You will want to upgrade the rest of the Mk10 extruder parts to their all metal ones...
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    Source for MK8 M7 nozzles (for Qidi X-Plus II)?

    Their nozzles are the best. USA made and their coatings really do work.
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    Anyone have a Wilder Micro-Projector comparator?

    Anyone have an R.S. Wilder Micro-Projector comparator? Either Model A or even better a Model C. I need some help with a Model C. I have a lamp socker and transformer but not lamp reflector. I am missing the bottom cover, and that is where I believe the lamp assembly attaches to. I am also...
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    Hardinge DV59 Lathe...can anyone fill me in on this model?

    If you must, then use a boring head with center. this is FredC's pic as an example- https://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/attachments/f20/291139d1591715599-hardinge-taper-back-plate-ajustablecenter-2rs.jpg
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    How To Run a Lathe 55th Edition

    try this-...
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    RPC Schematic questions

    Greetings all- Below is the schematic for a RPC that I built ~10 years ago. I think I bought the kit from Niagara off of ebay. (Is this the WNY converter guy now?). It's been running my stuff fine as is. I have a couple of 1 to 1.5hp tools that run off of this. Sometimes one runs idle while I...
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    WTB: small EDM carbon blocks

    greetings all- i need some small blocks of EDM carbon electrode. something on the order of 0.5 thick and anywhere between 2-3 inches square. i am hoping for pieces of used or broken electrodes. they are for an art project for my girlfriend. i am in chicago and am happy to pick up or pay for...
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    dressing the wheel

    PLEASE DO! I would be thankful.
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    27 tpi

    attachements are limited in size. put the picture up at a hosting site and link it back here. search "posting pictures" and you will get plenty of reading.
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    Weight capacity of I-beam with chain fall

    Walt - I know that you are trying to be helpful, but please refrain for spreading mis-information. The fact that you have done it this before does not mean that you know it, but that you have been lucky since none of them have fallen down! Your math and theory is not correct. This is why we...
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    Weight capacity of I-beam with chain fall

    Jim- Based on your statement, Would you want to be diagnosed and medicated by some government type working from a chart or a table? sinneD
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    Weight capacity of I-beam with chain fall

    carla- your description of the beam makes me wonder if its even A36, could be A9 or A7 or older. 16ksi-33ksi. bottom line, consult a local engineer. its not as easy a looking it up in a table. you should read the fine print under those tables.... as soon as you put on supporting member...
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    WTB: 1/2" square tool post wrench!!!

    are you looking for 'historically accurate' ones or ones that will work? you can make decent substitutes with square bit adapters. they are broached holders made for round holes in boring bars. try msc part number 82432287 i made a flat stock handle and welded the adapter to it. L Vanice...
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    v belt size

    paula- i respectfully disagree. link belts have a place, the primary drive is not one of them. using them in place of a flat belt is not one either. using them on a v-belt spindle machine, between the intermediate shaft pulley and the spindle is the right application. you are right, those...
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    v belt size

    let me repeat myself.... listen to ALL the words. don't use a link belt between the motor and the intermediate shaft.the pulley on the intermediate shaft driven by the motor is FLAT with no grooves. a linked belt won't work right on this sheave. if you have a v-belt driven spindle, the belt...