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    Help with a L00 Spindle and a collet

    I have a heavy 10 with a L00 Spindle. I want to use my 5C collets. I have a spindle protector and I am looking for a collet holder that will fit my spindle. Ted I hope you have something in NOS? John
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    Another question for Spearchucker!

    New concept Credit hours. Most classes are 3 credit hours.
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    Machine dealers store front photos

    Mine is also Wills Machinery. 1962 Heavy 10 with all of the attachments Wills must have liked L00 spindles as mine has one. Fully restored and working great. John
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    South Bend 13 Restoration

    My opinion also a fully restored including painting 1963 heavy 10. John
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    South Bend Heavy 10 spindle shims

    I would like a set and agree a set of 4 would be my choice also. John
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    South Bend 13" - "Not" A Good Choice?

    Brad, Show some pictures of the handy work you have done on your lathe restorations. John
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    South Bend Heavy 10 spindle shims

    I too am interested in some shim sets. I agree brass would be good. but I will take what I can get. John
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    SBL Tailstock Extension Modification

    Steve did mine and it allows me to use my Newall Dro and not loose any working room. John
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    How many 10L's had LOO spindle ?

    Mine did and I like the LOO spindle. I have a 10L with a taper attachment it was sold to Willis Machine in LA in March 1963. It is fully restored including the tags from Willis Machine on the gear cover. John
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    DRO on Heavy 10 with Taper Attach

    I have a Newall on my Heavy 10 with a taper attachment, Pretty straight forward to install. It works great. John
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    Threading barrels, any other way?

    As a follow up German has now topped the AZ State Long Range FTR Championship AZ State Palma FTR Championship with this barrel. It is great to see something I did shoot that well. Much of it goes to the shooter's skills. It was fun to be a part of the experiment in showing the steps to...
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    Heavy 10 For Sale, SoCal , Burbank

    Try posting a picture. John
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    PM Sent John

    PM Sent John
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    What is a "special" spindle

    Mine has the X and Mike with South Bend said the spindle is finished to a different tolerance than others. My build card shows flame hardened and special spindle. John
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    Is the project ever done?

    Here is a link on a short look at my Heavy 10. Taper attachment, L00 spindle, and new Newall DRO. Dan Robinson of Glendale AZ was behind the rebuild I just made the best parts procurement officer on the project. Finished my first chamber on Saturday. It is running smoother every hour. Just a...
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    Cross feed screw/Taper attachment Question

    Check Steve Wells exploded views. I was pulling my hair out and found I was missing some parts on the cross feed shaft Ted, latheman had the parts I needed. Mine is now smooth as silk now.. John
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    New or Like New Tail Stock Spindle for 10L

    Same here the extension was a great upgrade. I added a DRO and it replaced the distance I lost with the reader on the cross slide. John
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    DRO on a sweet 16 lathe

    I put a Newall on my heavy 10 and it has been great. Installation was very neat I extended my tail stock quill to make up for the cross feed reader. Member Jackoftheveld did the tail stock for me and his work is first class and fast. John
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    Gerstner box with WOOD drawer bottoms?

    I have the exact same box. It belonged to my Great Grandfather. I have had it for 20 years and had not done anything with it. I just cleaned it up and it shows many years of being used every day. The greasy finger prints on the bottom of the drawers made me smile and wonder what all he had made...
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    Heavy 10 mounting

    Just wedge type anchors nothing fancy.