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  1. Derek Smalls

    Lucas 542b-120 questions

    Place I worked had one similar to that. I never did any service on it, but I know they had issues with the pneumatics one time. It turned out it was not getting enough volume of air. A pressure gage at the machine read correct pressure so they did not suspect that as a problem. Turned out the...
  2. Derek Smalls

    WTB: Clausing 5900 series Tailstock

    I have a turret that could be used in place of a tail stock that I would like to part with. I'm on the other side of the country though so shipping cost may be an issue.
  3. Derek Smalls

    Moderator's on Vacation?

    Excuse me, I resemble that comment!
  4. Derek Smalls

    Flather & Co. Lathe

    I have a steady rest which may fit your machine. I had a 14" Flather, an older model than yours I believe, no QCGB. I still have some parts from it. If you are interested, PM me and I'll send you some pics and dimensions.
  5. Derek Smalls

    WTB Spindle for Heavy 10 2-1/4"-8

    Thanks for your reply 1yesca. I was hoping someone would have one! It was damaged due to my own stupidity. I have been doing a complete tear down and cleaning of this machine. It had a few issues that needed attention and it was pretty cruddy and abused all around. The spindle and bearings...
  6. Derek Smalls

    WTB Spindle for Heavy 10 2-1/4"-8

    Looking for a spindle with the 2 1/4"-8 nose that is in good shape. Mine was damaged when the machine was apart so my bearings should be ok, but if the new one comes with bearings that's probably all the better. Thanks.
  7. Derek Smalls

    Bridgeport Slotting or Broaching Head For Sale, Carmel California

    Not to mention the fact that he's asking about half of what they routinely sell for on ebay. Seems like he's trying to pass along a good deal to a member here, not make a bunch of money selling crap. Great price, listed by a longstanding member of this forum, if I needed one I'd be all over...
  8. Derek Smalls

    Working 2B-36 Devlieg

    The couple I have run, which look very similar to the one pictured, do have a spindle which moves in the z axis for drilling, boring, ect. with power or hand feed. In this respect they are very similar to a conventional HBM like a Lucas or Giddings & Lewis. The table however has very limited...
  9. Derek Smalls

    OT: I'm thinking about putting an addition on by building. Where do I get started?

    Thanks for the responses guys. I'll go down to city hall today and see if I can get some questions answered, specifically about the power line easement and % land use thing. I do have a small lot and the building with the proposed addition would be covering a large portion of it. I have...
  10. Derek Smalls

    OT: I'm thinking about putting an addition on by building. Where do I get started?

    I'm considering putting an addition onto my existing building. Not sure where to start, architect, civil engineer, general contractor??? I've never done this kind of thing before and I feel like I don't even know where to get started? There are some issues I know I need to contend with. The...
  11. Derek Smalls

    Help identifying grinder please

    I don't know for sure, but I don't believe so. I will try to get back there and check it out. You may be onto something with the cutter grinder or some sort of "sharpening machine" idea. I had not considered that because of the powered work head and also, I didn't see any provision for a...
  12. Derek Smalls

    Help identifying grinder please

    Thanks for the input guys. John, I was not familiar with K. R. Wilson. Van Norman always comes to my mind when it comes to automotive specific machinery, so it was great to learn some about Wilson. They made a lot of cool stuff I wasn't aware of. I also was wondering if it was primarily used...
  13. Derek Smalls

    Help identifying grinder please

    Anybody? Any idea?
  14. Derek Smalls

    Help identifying grinder please

    A friend of mine has this grinder. It's been sitting around for many years and unfortunately, the people who would have used it back in the day, or even knew what it was used for are now gone. I was asked to identify it, or at least it's intended purpose, but I'm stumped. Our only guess is...
  15. Derek Smalls

    South Bend 10k Model B - Rebuild

    The machine certainly looks like it has led a hard life. Yah, it has broken teeth on the bull gear and some missing parts, but, it's true condition cannot be determined until it's cleaned up a bit. I'm not betting the ways and spindle bearings will be in beautiful shape, but I've been...
  16. Derek Smalls

    13" threading engagement points.

    It's actually a really simple concept, and very easy to apply, it's just hard to wrap your head around at first, and a bit difficult to explain with only text, but here I go, this is how I look at it anyway. Imagine if you were to lay the lead screw of your lathe and the work piece you are...
  17. Derek Smalls

    Damaged shaper ram ways - use or scrap?

    No need to remove all the damage down to clean metal. You would only need to machine/grind/scrape down far enough to be able to get about 50% contact, leaving the deepest gouges there. The damage seems pretty localized, so leaving a small area with even less contact than 50% would not be...
  18. Derek Smalls

    Help with alignment between base ways and reference surface

    It seems that you are concerned about the y axis being perpendicular to the column on a horizontal plane? That is to say, when the y axis moves in or out, there is not also a shift to the left or right. Am I understanding your concern correctly? If this is your concern, then stop worrying...
  19. Derek Smalls

    FS: Parting out a Clausing 5900

    I still have the above, but that's about it.