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    Anyone have a BH9 Troyke rotary table?

    Hey Guys; I have a Troyke table that is missing the table lock. I do have the internal rod that has the tapered end. I need a picture and hopefully some dimensions that would allow me to recreate the screw that locks it. I don’t even know what threads it needs, but the minor diameter is about...
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    Troyke BH9 needs lock and pointer

    Hey Guys, I got this Troyke BH9 rotary table along with a D60 Kurt vise included along with my Nichols vertical mill for the astounding price of $425. No oops marks on any of them. I am in need of the locking mechanism for the rotary table. The pointed rod is in place, the threaded barrel and...
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    NMTB40 on Nichols vertical head?

    Hey Guys; I would like to know how to use NMTB40 on my Nichols mill. I am hoping that it is not a lot more than creating a new drawbar. If anyone has pictures or descriptions of the process and would post them; it would make me very happy. I would prefer to just find a 3/8” 4NS Collet, but I do...
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    WTB 3/8” 4NS Collet

    I recently bought a collection of collets for my Nichols vertical head mill. Unfortunately, when I went to use a 3/8 shank mill today, what I thought was a scrubbed face 3/8 it was actually 25/64”. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Bob
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    A couple shapers at auction

    For those interested, I noticed a couple shapers listed on the GovLiquidation site, and hope that I'm not messing up someone's secret... The shapers can be found here; Planers and Shapers for sale by auction they are in Virginia, a Rockford and a G&E. Happy hunting. Bob
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    Shapers on GovLiquidation

    Hey Guys, I noticed a couple of shapers opening today for bids, hope the included link will get you there. Planers and Shapers for sale by auction Bob
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    Nichols mill lubricants

    Hey Guys, I didn't know where else to place this inquiry... I don't even know the age. The mill is a tool room Nichols, with the vertical attachment, serial number is 7Q4653 if anyone is knowledgable of an approximate date of manufacture. I have a book that indicates that ESSO ANDOK-C is proper...
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    Atlas Lathe/Burke Hor. Craigslist

    Hey guys, No affiliation, thought someone might be interested in the Nashville area; 1K for the pair... http://nashville.craigslist.org/tls/1383948119.html Bob
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    help needed with mill/vfd

    Hey guys, I bought an older Nichols Mill, at a reasonable cost, even though I couldn't see it run. The guy I bought it from said he never tried it, but was told it ran. The cap at the motor junction had no cover, and the wires had been cut, so I was apprehensive of course. Since I don't have 3~...
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    Elliott shaper in Cleveland

    I saw this shaper (along with a hori. mill and grinder) on GovDeals, and thought I'd pass it along. Too far for me... http://www.govdeals.com/eas/itmDisplay.cfm?itemID=5&acctID=2410 will hopefully get you to the shaper. It's at $110 right now, but looks like it was used very sparringly. I just...
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    Blaisdell & WF Barnes scrapyard lathes

    I just ran across a couple more scrapped lathes, and wondered if anyone needed some parts for either of these machines. There's not a lot left of either but I will try to get pics on Monday if there is any interest. Lots of broken handles, bent shafts, etc, but if someone really needs something...
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    16 X 54 Axelson

    I was visiting the local scrapyard this morning and saw they had a 16" Axelson lathe on site. I didn't have a camera with me, so no pics. It actually looked pretty good, although it had some minor damage to the chip tray. It weighs 5770 lbs, and they are asking $1000 for it. It's located at...
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    looking for 2-1/2-6 backplate

    Hey Guys, I'm in need of a 2-1/2 6TPI back-plate for an old Rockford 14" lathe. Minimum diameter must be 5", but a little more wouldn't hurt a thing. Anyone with a junked Hendey 16", I think they had the same threads on the spindle... Thanks for looking if you think you might have something. Bob