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    Solder Chuck?

    Larry's "wax chuck" methods, above, have a long, tried & true history, but I have not acquired the experience to reliably center the work with precision, and rely instead on one of the superglues. I have turned numbers of small mushroom shaped chucking platforms (from any material to which...
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    Stuff for sale Stephenville Texas.Big stuff cheap!

    I think that's true for all of us here who can sense that tipping point in life lurking just over the near horizon. The snag, though, is that there are more fine old manual machines being given up than there are guys willing and able to haul them home. I hope your friend is one of the lucky...
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    Neoprene corner protectors source?

    try here: https://www.mcmaster.com/corner-protectors/ -Marty-
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    Steam Locomotive Experience

    Rick - [1] You have been an active figure in preservation/restoration for a long time, and I really applaud that. [2] I think that Porter #58 looks very good, with the exception noted below, and that your program to introduce people to operating practices is great. [3] On those two prominent...
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    wtb: used Mit or similar 1" mechanical/digital micrometer

    All set on the micrometers. Thanks, guys. -Marty-
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    need info re drying compressor air for airbrushing

    Thanks all for the helpful comments. -Marty-
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    machinist tools

    Have to say I'm with Mayo on this one. Posts like this contain no information - of course he has tooling for sale, this is a tooling for sale site. But I am not going to get involved with doing all the work to find out what it is. -Marty-
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    need info re drying compressor air for airbrushing

    We use a small low-end oilless air compressor, something along the lines of this 1-gal job, to operate a Noga coolmister on one of the shop machines. For the purpose of using the compressor to power a small handheld pencil type airbrush, which uses even less cfpm than...
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    WWII tug boat rescue

    Joe - Thanks for another great write-up. It occurs to me that you have lived more lifetimes than any six of us put together. -Marty-
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    Corner rounding end mill problems

    No, it's an architectural term, although an obscure one in machinist parlance, that he's using correctly. It refers to a feature, such as a corner edge, at the junction between two planes or features. (It was also the undoing of Polonius, if I may be forgiven for showing off the education that...
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    Software bias and forum use

    Yeah, I don't like it either, along with many others who have said as much. But we're still here. And here we will remain until the annoyance level outweighs the considerable benefits PM continues to offer. My guess is that that change is not going to happen. What do you feel is gained by...
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    Why aren't 1/16" thick parallels sold

    A PM post by 'cash' October 16, 2012: "I have lots of hardened M-2 around. .062" thick x say 1.312 high by up to 8" lengths." DIY seems like a simple enough solution, unless the very tightest tolerances and precision are needed. -Marty-
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    Retirement Tooling Sale

    I bought two vises from this offering of Ed's. They arrived promptly, well packed, and in good order. They are excellent vises that have been well maintained, and come from a shop that took workholding seriously. -Marty-
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    Curious & curiouser: stout little narrow & broad gauge locomotive

    This fascinating thread is a perfect example of what keeps me reading this forum. Thanks, Asquith, Hendeyman, and others. -Marty-
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    New LeBlond or Clausing?

    Sorry for the disrespectful tone, but your operation does not sound like anything where I'd send a kid for serious machinist training. You may be OK, but in my view the trickledown from ignorant admin is inevitable and not consistent with adequate instruction. -Marty-
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    New LeBlond or Clausing?

    What is "career center" supposed to mean? Such things exist ranging from money-making operations that crank out white collars who we don't need, to serious programs that aim to supply competant and modern shop-floor machinists who we care more about here. It will be easier to respond to your...
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    Elmco Universal Lathe

    My hat's off to you, Joe. -Marty-
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    Retirement Tooling Sale

    Would like: [1] Grinding vise $45 shipped [2] Angle vise $55 shipped email sent re payment -Marty-
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    Gas shock lifespan in vibration

    I'm thinking there is wisdom in this for a garden variety belt grinder. With the idler located at the high point of the machine, I see a simple single-sheave pulley fixed above the idler, the rope going from the idler arm, up and around the pulley, and then down to a weight hanging in midair...
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    3" D Kurt vise

    The small 3" Kurts are useful, and worth trading $300 for to have a good one sitting on a bench in the shop. For this one at that asking price however, I am not surprised that noone has jumped on it yet. From my point of view, a scale in the picture just to verify the 3" size would help -...