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  1. JW Machine

    Axelson way hardness

    Is there a way to determine via serial number or photograph whether an Axelson lathe has hardened ways?
  2. JW Machine

    WTB Axelson lathe

    I'm looking for something in the 16"-24" swing range, and 72" (up to about 120") between centers. I don't mind a project, but would rather find one that isn't worn out, and has its handles intact after years of dueling forklifts. Factory steady rests and other options/accessories preferred, as...
  3. JW Machine

    Axelson 20W

    What does the "W" indicate, and how does this model differ from those with no "W" suffix?
  4. JW Machine

    Looking for a manual surface grinder for 22-1/2" long work

    I've been casually looking for a grinder that fits this description for a few years. Just checked out a Brown & Sharpe 2B, SN 18597, that looks like it might be coaxed up to 21 or 21-1/2", but it was going to be a stretch. I'd rather find something that was made for work this long. Width is...
  5. JW Machine

    Help ID this Brown & Sharpe horizontal

    I have been casually looking for a horizontal mill, and came across this one today. It was used regularly until a few months ago when the x axis nut stripped so the power feed doesn't work. I could get the mill for scrap price. So, what model is this machine, and approximately how old is it...
  6. JW Machine

    Value of 10ee mfg lathe

    One of these lathes is for sale fairly close to me, and though I know the non-threadcutting models are not as desirable I wonder if there's a price low enough that I would be foolish for not buying it. The photos I have are not very good. I'm not sure what RPM the spindle is. The lathe has a...
  7. JW Machine

    GK12 Pantograph

    One of these is for sale locally, and it looks like an interesting machine. The searches I have done so far indicate that these pantographs were used for engraving, but I'm not sure beyond that. What are the capabilities of this machine, and is it really obsolete? I'm trying to decide whether...
  8. JW Machine

    Airrow Stealth trigger adjustment

    A friend of mine has been fiddling with the trigger assembly on his rifle, and is having trouble getting it adjusted to the sweet spot for maximum power without wasting air. Do any of you have the factory specs or technique for correctly adjusting the trigger mechanism?
  9. JW Machine

    Rockwell 21-100 vertical mill

    This mill is in good condition, having been recently disassembled, repaired, and painted. It is a model 21-100 with a 6.5" x 24" table. Many new parts were installed, as well as new bearings throughout. The motor is 3/4 hp, 3-phase, 1725 rpm, and runs smoothly. It has a new reversing drum...
  10. JW Machine

    Calculating burst strength of a cylinder

    I need to make a small cylindrical accumulator with a working pressure of 5,000 psi. Its volume will be 5 cu. in., the bore should be ~1.625"-1.750", and naturally size and weight are concerns. How do I find the minimum safe wall thickness for such a part made of 1144, and would it be...
  11. JW Machine

    OT- Airrow Stealth rifle

    A friend of mine just bought one of these, and he'd like to increase the muzzle velocity. He brought it over for me to make the special tools required for disassembly, and we got the trigger valve mechanism apart. It appears to bleed a small amount of air into a chamber which in turn opens the...
  12. JW Machine

    What happens when you run a 440V motor on 220V?

    I just got my Harig Super 612 powered up, and found some interesting bugs in the process. The oil pump wasn't flowing as well as I thought it should, and after some cleaning failed to remedy the problem I started checking power and found only 67V supplied to the pump. The step down transformer...
  13. JW Machine

    WTB wheel adaptor hub for Harig Super 612

    I just bought a Super 612 that comes only with the hub currently on the machine, and would like to find a couple of extras in decent shape. If you have one or two you are willing to part with, please send a PM or call 763-219-0332.
  14. JW Machine

    FS- Rockwell 21-100 vertical mill

    Recently disassembled, cleaned, & reconditioned. New bearings throughout and many new parts. R8 taper, 6.5" x 24" table, 3 phase, 3/4 HP motor. Currently has no drum switch or VFD, but can be run under power and the switch of your choosing may be negotiated into the deal. Also have some...
  15. JW Machine

    WTB spindle pulley hub for Rockwell 21-100

    I am looking for a spindle pulley hub (#22 in the owners manual parts list) as the splines are shot in mine. I would also be interested in a spindle, as the splines on mine have seen better days also.
  16. JW Machine

    Looking for Rockwell 21-100 spindle bearings, misc. parts

    I just picked up a Rockwell vertical mill that I knew needed work, and upon disassembly learned that every bearing in the machine needs replacement. I would like to find (reasonably priced?) spindle bearings, and even a complete spindle if possible as the drive splines on mine are worn. The...
  17. JW Machine

    Steady rests- ball bearing vs. brass wear pads

    I was boring the end of a tube the other day and got to wondering- which type of steady rest is superior? There has to be good points to both, but I'm curious to see how you all weigh in on this one.
  18. JW Machine

    How long do you give your customers to pay you?

    I am a one-man shop and generally expect payment upon delivery, or at least within a few days when it's someone I know well enough to trust. I recently made a few prototypes for a customer who is planning to significantly increase their order volume, and while we were discussing terms for large...
  19. JW Machine

    Forcing screw material & hardness

    A customer has brought in a tool that he frequently needs to buy replacement parts for. It is a hand-held rivet press, and the 5/8-18 forcing screw regularly pulls the female threads out of the steel sleeve it is threaded into. Length of thread engagement is about 1", but I could change this...
  20. JW Machine

    Looking for custom forging shop

    I am currently supplying a customer with a pair of hoof trimmer jaws machined from bar stock, and making 90% of the steel into chips. To reduce costs, I would like to find a shop that would be interested in forging some blanks that we could machine much more quickly and with less waste. Who do...