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    OT--flu shots, get them this year

    Came down with the flu 5 days ago, and its shaking off very slowly, can't guess how many more days it will last. Never had the vaccinations before because I only had the flu once, 20 years ago, and it wasn't on my mind. It sure is now. Being 62 makes it worse. It's like developing COPD...
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    Heat Shrink toolholder steel

    Are these all made of H-13? A few manufacturers say H-13; others don't specify beyond "tool steel." Seems to me if it's H-13 there's a heating/cooling sequence that must be followed, therefore you need an induction heater with PLC, probably best programmed by the toolholder OEM. Problem to be...
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    Ancient Roman Concrete

    Interesting story on the chemical composition of this concrete and it's resistance to seawater. Scientists crack mystery of ancient Roman concrete's 2,-year life span - The Washington Post
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    Welding helmet magnifiers

    My eyesight is horrible, I wear progressive lens prescription glasses to correct both near and distance vision as well as astigmatism. But I need to finish a welding job before I can get a new prescription. Not only is it hard to see the puddle, its impossible to see the joint I'm trying to...
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    OT-Will USA pay Mexico to build the Wall?

    It sort of looks like we will, under our contracting rules. Trump’s ‘Buy American’ Pledge May Be At Risk With His Border Wall - ProPublica But what the hell, we're giving Mexico our land to build it--may as well pay them as well: You can build a wall -- except here, a river runs through it -...
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    Rosie the Riveter Day--March 21

    Today was the first official Rosie the Riveter Day. World War Two Rosies celebrated on U.S. day of recognition | Reuters Here's the (very short) Senate Resolution that created the day: https://www.congress.gov/115/bills/sres76/BILLS-115sres76ats.pdf Kind of cool.
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    3D printing a pizza

    First the space program gave us Tang, and now they're adding solid food. Reportedly this printer can make a pizza aboard the International Space Station. Looking forward to the restaurant reviews. NASA Funds Technology to Enable Astronauts to Print 3D Pizzas in Space : News : Nature World...
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    OT - US Constitution, Article II, Section 4

    Article II, Section 4 reads as follows: Section 4.The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors. It kinda works like this: "The...
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    forged 316 SS -- corrosion afterwards?

    I forge lots of very simple wall hooks from mild steel, usually 3/16" rounds, and either donate them to a non-profit for sale in their gift shop, or just give them away as personal gifts. Finishes range from rattle-can paint to fancy-shmancy beeswax/linseed oil/turpentine/japan drier . All...
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    OT-anyone own an Irish Wolfhound

    I've always owned rescue dogs, and they've always been big dogs from the "working breed" class--a Briard and two Newfoundlands. I euthanized my beloved Newfie Molly 2 weeks ago, and someone has told me of an Irish Wolfhound available for rescue, 18 months old. We know nothing of the situation...
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    OT-house water shutoff valve: ball or gate

    I need to replace corroded and non-functioning shutoff valves in my house--main valve, and two branch valves. The current state-of-the-art is to use ball valves, at least for the branches. Assuming code permits, has anyone used a ball valve for the main shutoff? I know about the hammer issues...
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    5C Collet Stop

    Has anyone used this particular model? McMaster-Carr Most of my 5C collets do not have internal threads, and I'd like a stop that works with them. I know Hardinge used to make a nice one, but this is a rush job, so no time to look around eBay. This one seems to fit the ticket and is...
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    "High Temp" rated connectors

    Just looking to be educated. What makes a High Temp terminal qualify for that rating? I just bought and used some high-temp push on connectors to replace an oven igniter, because I have no idea how hot the connection gets (its outside the oven but adjacent to it) and it seemed prudent. But...
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    Easy test for 316SS vs 30XSS ?

    I need to do a repair weld on the fSS loor pan of my home oven--a "commercial style" Dynasty. It's a baffle that was tack-welded onto the bottom of the pan to distribute heat more evenly from the oven burner. Max oven temp is 500 degrees, I expect the baffle gets hotter. Both pieces are same...
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    OT-Angostura Bitters

    What's in this stuff? Just returned from an agonizing neighborhood dinner, where I was assigned the duty of pouring drinks for a pair of octonagerian ladies who like their gin and bitters. Visitors from England, no doubt related to Limy and adama. . . . .:cool: So I poured this stuff for a...
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    DRO Install on Bridgeport

    Researching old threads show most prefer to install the X-axis scale on the back of the table. To do this on mine requires pulling the table and saddle to mount the scale and reader--I don't have enough room to between the saddle and column to get a drill in there. No problem for the scale on...
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    OT-make a boatswain's (bosuns) whistle?

    They are not very expensive to purchase, but I have an insane desire to make one as a gift. However I can't find plans anywhere, and I don't have one to reverse-engineer. Has anyone ever done this, or does anyone know of a place to get plans, or even a detailed diagram? On edit: well, this is...
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    10L toolpost tee nut?

    The quick-change tool post (Phase II) on my Heavy 10 backs off under anything more than the lightest cuts. I'm using the bit of flat stock that comes with it as a hold down nut. Not really a tee-nut, as its not tee-shaped. So is making a real tee-nut, with a center that projects through the...
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    cutoff wheels for die grinder

    The tool is a Dumore die grinder, 1/4 hp, no-load RPM 35,000. Material is HSS or cobalt cutting bit blanks, between 3/16" and 1/2" square (or round). Mostly NOS good American stuff, some tungsten alloys mixed in there. Places like McMaster offer a variety of wheels, the first batch of...
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    1750 RPM OK for buffer/polisher?

    I'd like to mount a tapered spindle on an old electric motor for casual, and occasional, polishing polishing and buffing. I have 3 old motors to use: 1/3 hp, 1/2 hp, and 3/4 hp -- all 1725-1750 RPM. Thought is to buy a tapered spindle (RH) to mount on the motor spindle, and use a small variety...