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    FP4M tooling

    Use BT40 tooling. Buy the pull studs from Singer.
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    Schaublin 150 lathe w/ tooling for sale … in the USA ?

    I see the listing has been removed. Did you sell it Don? Care to share where it went to?
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    Deckel Fp2

    Singer doesn't make studs with 5/8 threads. Just M16 which work with BT40 tooling. You'd be better off selling your CAT40 and getting BT40 stuff. BT40 is cheap and plentiful on Ebay.
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    Hermle UWF 801

    Hi Scott. Hermle still supports old machines but most parts can be found elsewhere. It's a awesome machine and considering it's capabilities It's a no-brainer to buy. Singer has some support as well. It's ability to use BT40 tooling with an adapter makes it very desirable and comparable to the...
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    CAT 40 with a Drawbar for Deckel FP3

    What about BT40? Pull studs readily available for the Deckel drawbar and they're just as plentiful as CAT40.
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    Brown sharpe interapid digital calipers

    I have one. Frame is aluminum, not plastic. Decent but spend some more money on a Mahr or newer Mitutoyo.
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    How would you mill this part?

    Unless you absolutely need to replicate it identically, why not make a rectangular hole with a small dia. endmill? It'll still perform the same function.
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    OT - home flour mills

    Lee mills are excellent and will last forever. They use a grindstone. Lee Household Flour Mill | Royal Lee Organics
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    Deckel FP2 FP3 FP3L Coolant / Suds Pump For Sale

    You should post this in the Deckel forum. There's a for sale section.
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    Hardinge DS59 Geometric Die Head w/ Chasers

    Dude.... If you are going to post stuff for sale at least respond to messages within a few weeks. WTF.
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    Obsolete DOALL Drill Parts

    McMaster 6124K278 should work. Its 1/4 ported. Is the port on the bottom right connected to anything?
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    Machining teflon

    I've had a 4" dia Teflon piece grow 0.045" after stress relieving at 350F. If the part is not at an elevated temp in service you might be able to get away without stress relief but I'd do it anyway, especially if you want to hold tolerances. If it's service temp is much above ambient you must...
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    bar straightening recommendations

    If you have a lot of it, a roll straightener might be the way to go. https://drawingtechnology.com/userfiles/rolltype.jpg Is the warpage in one axis or two? If its just warped in one direction a 5 roller straightener will work otherwise you'll need two like the pic. They work great for wire...
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    Deckel Fp1 tools

    For the majority of work you don't need the drive dogs. It would be easy to make though. Singer might sell them but it won't be cheap. It looks like your drawbar has been modified already, but it doesn't look like it'll handle much tightening. What taper tooling do you have?
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    Maho MH400 P hydraulics

    Power for the pump is most likely 3 phase. Might be 380 volt also.
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    Maho MH400 P hydraulics

    This is similar to my Hermle. The hydraulic pump is powered up whenever the control power is on and shuts off with a pressure switch. So all you need for the tool changer is to connect the pushbutton to the valve. Same for the axis clamps. However, there is an interlock that disengages the axis...
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    Hermle Universal index table

    Rather impressive that you can still get small parts for this machine from Hermle.
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    Acu Rite II DRO Cables

    I really doubt the resistors have anything to do with cable length since you are dealing with digital signals here and not analog. Ballen is likely correct as to their purpose. A distance of 10 feet isn't going to make a difference with 5 volt pulses.
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    Removing a dent in 1/4" stainless tube

    I think Marcus has the best idea so far. It wouldn't be difficult to bring in a laser and fill the dent and then file and polish it round. Could you flow air through the inside of the tube during welding to cool it? Failing that, what about filling the dent with metal filled epoxy? Make an...
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    Deckel LK LKS LKD

    I have scans of an LK operator manual in German and the multilingual parts manual. PM me with an email and I'll send you a copy. Chris