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    Best way to go from Bridgeport to Low End CNC in 2024

    As I understand things back EMF generated when driving a servo motor is a known potential problem for low voltage low power integrated circuit drivers. Spinning a small servo intended to operate on 3 volts or so can easily produce 9 volts or more of back EMF which the IC won't like. Texas...
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    Best way to go from Bridgeport to Low End CNC in 2024

    20 (ish) years later I'm not sure exactly what they really were! Even after a couple of days contemplation. I bought the Taig and some software after redundancy to, hopefully, prove out a potential business concept. It was sold to me as being able to do what I wanted. Technically true but...
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    Are there jobs out there for a Jig Borer?

    A bit unfair on the guy who wants to make 100 simple parts quickly, easily and accurately per year. Fact is there has always been this quantity gap between very small numbers that have to be done individually and those where it's worth the front end investment of setting up for proper...
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    Best way to go from Bridgeport to Low End CNC in 2024

    Adammil1 Interesting and thoughtful post. I'm glad you are getting to grips with your system but it seems that the objections I had when taking a run at Mach 3 on the Taig horror show still haven't been fully answered. I'm inclined to agree that modern CNC & CAD is evolving the wrong way for...
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    Requesting tips to speed up production of this simple part on manual lathe.

    Here is a picture of my multi-position bedstop device in use on my Smart & Brown 1024. Scrap bin rescue over 30 years ago. It's been on about 5 lathes (lost count). I'll get round to cleaning it up some day (maybe) but it works just fine. Perspective is slightly unfortunate but the bottom stop...
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    Best way to go from Bridgeport to Low End CNC in 2024

    Thanks very much for that thoughtful and detailed response. Looks like you've worked through most of the queries and thoughts I have and come out the other side with a working system. The Centroid Acorn certainly seems a very good way to go when trying to organise a conversion without too much...
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    Requesting tips to speed up production of this simple part on manual lathe.

    I like the idea, but how does one get the longest stop out of the way, so the shorter ones can be used? I'd say that one is on upside down. On mine the active stop is right at the bottom so the longer ones project over the saddle. My pal Mike-the-Pilot has a Colchester with a factory stop...
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    Requesting tips to speed up production of this simple part on manual lathe.

    Classic job for a British style ratchet indexing 4-way tool post. If you have enough stations on your QC post look into sorting a ratchet base. +1 on the tool post drill idea but you need some form of cross-slide stop to set the drill to centre. If your lathe has a long enough cross slide to...
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    Measuring taper shafts ?

    Quick and dirty way for in-situ measurements is a pair of thick wall "pipes" arranged so one can slide smoothly inside the other and be locked in position. Outer one bored to match the taper diameter quite close to the large end. Inner one bored to match quite close to the small end. Slide the...
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    Help Diagnosing Apparent Z-Axis Drift

    Maybe time to revisit Clarkson style screwed shank cutters and holder concept. Pull out proof for sure. Never bought in to the alleged imprecision in Z due to the collet self tightening if the collet slips. Cutter isn't going anywhere if it's hard on the central point. Neither is anything else...
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    Clive here My phone number is 07754 263440, E-Mail :- [email protected].

    Clive here My phone number is 07754 263440, E-Mail :- [email protected].
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    Best way to go from Bridgeport to Low End CNC in 2024

    The economics of contracting out don't work at that sort of volume. Basically I need to be able to make to order, if its only 1 or 2 a month thats what it is. Frankly I've no idea how many I'd sell. Very much a "Gosh thats wonderful I'd love one." thing right up to when it comes to handing over...
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    Best way to go from Bridgeport to Low End CNC in 2024

    I take it you bought the tempting green Gate with the 5 tha axis off E-Bay then. Chat would be nice, I'll share my number via private message soon, but things have gotten pushed back due to something else blowing up in my face. Friends network thing I couldn't justfiably say no I won't help to...
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    Best way to go from Bridgeport to Low End CNC in 2024

    Thanks for the response. Fundamentally it's about what control to choose. The Heidenhain, Anilam et al controls on a machine old enough to be affordable aren't going to do what I need to match the way I'd like to work. Changes to the mechatronics may also be needed. If I do a conversion I need...
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    Why should an employee have confidence in your business?

    Fundamentally a viable business has to be able to support wage increase for its employees at above inflation rates. So continuous investment in equipment et al is needed to deliver more for every £ of employee pay. Whether more in numbers so a lower price can support higher wages or more in...
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    when would you change an old machine ?

    Time for a forensic, spreadsheet, analysis of where you are making money, where you are spending money and what the real bottom line is. Set the thing up so you can re-run it each year to see how things change. Not forgetting an addendum to cover potential repair costs or replacement if a...
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    Measuring in Cnc Milling

    Assuming a straight a straight taper it may be easier to simply arrange a forked or split device that you could hook over and slide up from the smaller end. Measure the nominal 200 depth from the large end. Use trigonometry to calculate diameter error from measured depth. Many ways of actually...
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    10 inch Excelsior drill press

    That's a very common style for a bench drill of its era. Probably going to be impossible to actually sort out its provenance as any half decent foundry with machine shop contacts could turn them out in short order by simple copying an example. I'm in the UK and I had a no-name one of virtually...
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    K&T 2H mill

    This. Always felt that the mist systems inherently overdo the spread for an unenclosed machine unless you can get the nozzle right up against the job. Quite apart from lubing the operators lungs it gets everywhere making a proper clean up difficult. I've bored out the nozzles on my Bujur...
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    Am I the only one who has never heard of an Eifel Plierench?

    Those Sargent Parallel pliers look essentially identical to the Maun Industries ones I have. Except mine are their version of the ordinary combination plier and have wire cutters on the side. Maun are still going offering a wide range of parallel pliers and variant tools, not cheap but not silly...