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  1. yoyo

    Retrofit of 10EE Drive to AC Brushless Servo Motor

    My vfd/induction motor has not much torque at the low end of the rpm. My understanding is that the servo motor has better torque there.
  2. yoyo

    A Deckel part and why I think Ebay has become largely irrelevant (Germany)

    I agree ebay nowadays is just for professional shops and sellers. I hardly look there anymore. As for marktplaats, they become infested with professinals but there is an firefox app to blend out these pro-listings. It is bearable that way and there are still little gems to find. Ebay...
  3. yoyo

    Aciera F3 Manual Needed

    Yes, 10 years seems a long time. Maybe I should throw an anniversary party at www.metalworker.eu. ... :dunce: :drink: :dunce: just like PM-forum still going strong ;)
  4. yoyo

    Magdeburg D30 Lathe?

    You can send me an email on the email adress om my site. Den Tukker Manuals the manual is in german but I guess that won't be a problem to danish people.
  5. yoyo

    Turning plutonium

    Maybe you have to download the image in order to enlarge it. http://www.metalworker.eu/metaalwerk/external/plutoniumturning.jpg
  6. yoyo

    user manual Weiler Matador

    Hello my dear friend, I'm not dead but still alive and kicking :) and metalworking ofcourse ;) I guess that you are the same person that has send me an email in private asking for this manual. And I'll send it to you as soon as possible, just mention the number of the manual. The number of...
  7. yoyo

    Considering a Charmilles D10 for a hobbyist - ?Power reqs?

    This form of metalworking is still very intriguing for me. Here is a picture of my Isopulse P25. I made a table for it but had no time to test or operate the machine. It was in working order when I bought it. If you buy one and transport it home, it is very important to check if all circuit...
  8. yoyo

    For people who want to contact me it would be faster to send an email to [email protected]...

    For people who want to contact me it would be faster to send an email to [email protected] This visitor message page is not often visited by me.
  9. yoyo

    user manual Weiler Matador

    ofcourse you can :) thats where metalworkingfriends are for please send me a mail with the number of the manual you want Den Tukker Manuals
  10. yoyo

    Handling deckel heads

    After a close inspection it seems the holes have miraculously disappeared ;) There is no hole on de shaperhead (just a grease nipple) and on the highspeedhead there is no room for a lifting point, because the motor is on top of it. On the boringhead though there is a lifting point. I'm afraid I...
  11. yoyo

    you can send a mail again to me I emptied teh mailbox

    you can send a mail again to me I emptied teh mailbox
  12. yoyo

    user manual Weiler Matador

    You can still contact me contact info availbale at metalworker as I'm very busy and sometimes it takes a while but in the end everyone who's is in desperate need of a manual will have one ;)
  13. yoyo

    hello brian please send your request to [email protected] i'll try to be off help then...

    hello brian please send your request to [email protected] i'll try to be off help then greetings
  14. yoyo

    WTB: Leinen MLZ4S or LZ4SB

    Yes ofcourse I'm interested. I have a program that can stitch the individual pages together. ( If that's the problem ) The Leinen manual that I have is definitely from another machine (and mine has no frontpage). So I surely would like to have your version to compare. I have seen with deckel...
  15. yoyo

    GeeDee weiler Collets !!!

    Maybe these guys have something FATPOL TOOLS Remigiusz Koprowski they were recommended to me as a manufacturer that still produces collets for a weiler lz280 but I have no don't know anything about them. But it is as Peter says, you first have to determine the type of collet you need
  16. yoyo

    WTB: Leinen MLZ4S or LZ4SB

    That thought has crossed my mind but in my list I made a note that it came from a russian site. Maybe I mixed things up, did you scan it yourself ? For the not so common machines like Leinen that's the number one priority I think you can find a real nice machines somewhere for the budget you...
  17. yoyo

    WTB: Leinen MLZ4S or LZ4SB

    I could supply you with a manual, but not with the actual machine ;)
  18. yoyo

    Would a maho mh600 be good for a home shop tinkerer type guy

    The translation is perfect ... in the sense that it translates the errors in the dutch language to the same errors in the English language. The dutch sentence ought to be: Een veel betere machine dan een bridgeport And ofcourse google translates that that to : A much better machine than a...
  19. yoyo

    Diamond Carbide Hone/ sharpener for lathe bits

    I think it's really going fast on me because I don't see any pic. I even don't see a stop button to click on. Just plain text ( the price has raised to $65 on my screen too, so that part works well ;) )
  20. yoyo

    My Boley 5LZ on Lathes.co.uk

    Phil, that's a nice page with lots of info on a perfect lathe. Maybe you could split the large text in alineas or small chapters for better reading. We all know that the word "precision" has become quite hollow on the inside from its use by the manufacturers, it has a lot of wear on the...