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    Monarch 12CK Dimensions

    Good day guys. I've finally joined the Monarch club. Looking for someone to provide some base dimensions for a 12CK lathe. Looking to create a skid for one. Can someone tell me the measurements of the two bases for the 54" model and the distance between them? Probably should have an overall...
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    Strasburg RR Mechanical Shop Tour

    I had the pleasure of touring the Strasburg Rail Road mechanical shop this weekend. Strasburg Rail Road operates a short line between Strasburg and Paradise PA. In addition to being the oldest operating railroad in the western hemisphere they also operate a complete back shop performing steam...
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    VFD to power 200 volt motor?

    So I recently acquired a machine with a 5HP 200 volt 60 Hz 3 phase motor, yes name plate 200 volt. Motor is a Rockwell OEM'ed from Baldor. It was previously run on a 208 three phase service. I have 240 single phase and 240 three phase via a 10HP rotary phase converter but don't feel real...
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    Industry color coding for 3 wire control?

    So I have a machine to rewire, several actually. Well aware color codes for 3 phase conductors etc. That got me thinking. Is there color standard for line voltage 3 wire start/stop control?
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    K&T 2H Plain Horizontal Mill

    I picked up my new K&T 2H Plain horizontal mill yesterday. The machine is serial number 64-4207. It will make a nice playmate for my 1CH vertical. :D The machine appears to be in pretty good shape, but I haven't run it yet because its setup for 440 3 phase so I need to dig into the motor...
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    Another P&W 6" Vertical Shaper

    A few of you know that I've been keeping my eyes open for a Pratt & Whitney 6" Vertical Shaper. A few weeks ago I made the deal pending a final inspection. So yesterday I made the road trip to retrieve my P&W M-1506 6". Its a former WW-II Navy machine and although she doesn't look like much I...
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    kearney & Trecker 3HP 1-CH Vertical

    I've just acquired a Kearney & Trecker 3HP 1-CH Vertical mill. It made it back to Columbus last night around 1:00 AM. The serial number is 8-7586. Looking for operators/parts manuals/tech bulletins etc and of course any guidance on operation of the machine. Of interest is the specific oils I...
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    OT: Help Identify Shelving Mfg.

    I'm looking for some help identify the maker of this shelving. Very nice stuff, but there's no name on any of the pieces I have. I started looking online but everything looked the same in the tiny crappy photos. I assume it a major maker. Thoughts?
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    Mystery Metal Shaper ID Request

    Subject about says it all. Anyone know the maker? Sorry about the bad pictures this is what I was sent. Mike
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    Metric Gear Kit for Single Tumbler 10L with English Pitch Lead Screw

    I'm curious as to what came in the kit when you purchased the metric transposing package for a Heavy 10 single tumbler era machine. It would appear that the kit would include the following idler gears: 127, 100, 80, 72, 18, and 30 tooth which was used on the screw. Along with the following stud...
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    Camelback Drill Lubrication

    I’m working on completing my Royersford Excelsior 21” camelback drill and I have a few questions. I've disassembled the machine to parts and have cleaned, repaired where necessary and am now fitting it all back together. The babbitt bearings are in ok condition and I'm wondering what the...
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    Heavy 10 collet closer hand wheel dimensions?

    Still working on my WW-II Heavy 10 project. I picked up a handwheel collet closer some months back and started to clean it up. Like many the handwheel was broken. Actually it was broken and missing so I don't have anything to go on except the internal dimension and the three screws. Has anyone...
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    antique screw machines on ebay

    Three Brown & Sharpe machines Brown & Sharpe MFG turret lathe screw machine antique 3 machines Providence R.I. | eBay
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    Early 10L Headstock Cleanup Questions

    I'm at the point of having the headstock apart on the 1943 Heavy 10. The oil galleys were nasty and the wicks were ugly (the oil looked like grease). I'm glad I tore it down, but I have some questions. The machine has the cast bearings so its different than most of the machines I've seen...
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    A Heavy 10's Unique History

    I've been meaning to post this for some time just never seemed to get around to it. Thanks to BradJacob's recent thread about tracking prior owners I'm finally getting around to posting it. Hopefully some of you enjoy this. Some weeks back I went to an auction. Well actually I was on my way to...
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    Metal Brake Questions

    I'm working with someone on a project that is going to require working with some sheet metal. The other party is looking at investing in a brake as they see it as a useful long term investment. Looks as though we need to brake 12 ga metal sheet up to 4 feet in length. The material for some other...
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    Making Revolving Crank Handles?

    So I have some hand wheels that are missing the crank handles. I know the originals were the revolving kind and I'd like to make new ones that would match the profile of the existing ones. I've made handles before basically using a free hand type cut on the lathe so making the profile is a non...
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    Input on Van Norman Purchase

    I'm currently working on a deal that involves a Van Norman 22L. The machine doesn't look great but doesn't appear to be abused especially considering its 1942 vintage. It definitely needs a serious clean up. I inspected it previously and as requested its now under power however I have not gone...
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    A little Warner & Swasey telescope history

    Slightly off topic but I thought many of you would find this of interest. Denison's link to the stars turns 100, University celebrates Swasey Observatory’s anniversary Denison's link to the stars turns 100 | The Columbus Dispatch
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    Drill Chuck "E" Taper?

    I recently acquired a few old drill chucks. One of these is a Jacobs 6A that has a "E" taper. So my question is what is an E taper? Was it a Jacobs thing, or a now defunct standard or used for a specific purpose? I can't seem to find any references so I assume it's pretty old.