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  1. g-coder05

    Career opportunity for a Manufacturing Engineer

    Please give us the scoop on who designated them as one of the millions of manufacturers around the globe as "A leading manufacturer".
  2. g-coder05

    CNC Machinist II - Technetics Group - Deland, FL

    What kind of salary? My son is Working at JET in Sanford right next to you but lives in Deland. He's a general mill lathe guy working in a Lean 5S environment and makes $25 plus benefits. I'm sure if your salary is in the same range he would come see you.
  3. g-coder05

    Toshiba Tosnuc 999 help

    If its like my Toshiba MB horizontals with Tosnuc-500 there is a physical 3 position dip switch in the cabinet labeled: RUN: Execute programs EXE: Restore executive system software CLR: System memory erase Just shut down the system and set the switch to what you are doing and then power up.
  4. g-coder05

    Need help to buy a new haas

    Yeah, that works out to be $104K. So getting 40% off is a better deal than we get buying in bulk. I get all the same options plus through tool air but not the YT model for $69K. Don't let that deal get away.
  5. g-coder05

    Need help to buy a new haas

    Im not sure how the distributors in Greece are but USA and Asia distributors always gives 5-10% discounts from the Build A Quote price on single machines. We buy 3-6 VF2-SS's at a pop and get 30% and free probing.
  6. g-coder05

    Hiring CNC Programmer + Operator ($32/hour - Full Time / Full Benefits)

    This pretty much sums it up for that area IME. With In Place Machining co pretty much right next door paying $40+ an hour plus per diem and field bonuses they will get all the Manual machinists. Coastal Precision sent me to Bonneville and Dalles damn to do some portable flange facing and several...
  7. g-coder05

    Hiring CNC Programmer + Operator ($32/hour - Full Time / Full Benefits)

    Looks like you do the exact same work as Continental Field Systems in Georgia just on a slightly smaller scale. Pay looks OK benefits are decent, Location is probably why you’re not getting any candidates. I'm in SE Asia and can't turn on the Asian news stations without seeing something bad...
  8. g-coder05

    Featurecam 2022 released. New features!!!

    Anyone still betting AD is not just milking the last sucker they can find?
  9. g-coder05

    2006 YOUJI VTL -1600 how to raise the rail?

    Steve Flint from Flint Machine Tool sold me mine. They may have a set of manuals for a premium, but don't expect much of a knowledge base from that group of morons. Cross ram on my 2012 model was a key lock switch on the bottom right of the pendant. Problem about moving the ram is each time...
  10. g-coder05

    SwissMak Anyone Know What Happened

    Actually no, this subject has come up many times on the board and we agreed no. If someone gets drawn into one of the PM purse slinging salon fights and drops a link, well... Nothing I can do about that.
  11. g-coder05

    SwissMak Anyone Know What Happened

    Whoa, easy now on taking jabs at me. We have a discussion goin on at the board about not trolling PM with links like PM does in Facebook groups. I don't know who that guy was and we do not condone that type of trolling. In just the past two months nearly 100 PM members have migrated just from...
  12. g-coder05

    Cincinnati Milacron Hawk 150, what to expect?

    I had many of them in the 90's and early 2000's. During that time frame the Hawk was the equivalent to the Okuma LB series. They are beast of a machine when it comes to spindles, and the tailstock is the most robust I have ever used on a 2X lathe. The tailstock is a pin in turret drag type and...
  13. g-coder05

    1st Quarter Unemployment Tax Bill ---- YIKES!!

    Seems to be happening more and more. Booze Daily posted about that happening to him recently in Ohio.
  14. g-coder05

    Kia cnc's any good?

    Ive had several SK-21's and SKT-21LMS's and I would run them against Okuma and Mazak any day. Brute force machining and holds tenths consistently. I like the disc brake for locking the spindle while broaching and changing chucks. Too many times i've seen someone trying to brake a chuck loose...
  15. g-coder05

    Post Processor

    UM, What Cam?
  16. g-coder05

    SwissMak Anyone Know What Happened

    But,,, The fact he stated in the campaign advertising he would issue refunds seems like that would be a binding agreement. Granted, Most people if they read "we have hundreds of hours of machining experience" should be enough to make them run...... [/FONT][/COLOR][/h]
  17. g-coder05

    Feeler VMP1300

    I had 2 of the 1300's and absolutely great machines. I'll have to dig around for the code list but the best I remember is they are all pretty much industry standard codes. As for the TSC, just because the union is there doesn't mean the option is on it. It's a bit. more complicated than firing...
  18. g-coder05

    SwissMak Anyone Know What Happened

    With all the failed projects on Kickstarter and so many backers getting shafted I wonder if someone hasn't looked into a class action against Kickstarter. Maybe if Kickstarter had to pony up some losses then maybe they would track down some of the dead beats that screwed the backers.
  19. g-coder05

    SwissMak Anyone Know What Happened

    Looks like the backers are coming to the realization they got shafted.