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    ToolOffset Help

    The tool offset measure button can be a bit odd to work with, although I have never had it place an offset for an active tool in an offset box that is not active. If I am using the Tool Offset Measure button, I will typically call up the tool I want to touch off, set it off the part surface or...
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    Hurco Tm6, Tm8, Tm10 leveling plates

    I have these two leveling plates for Hurco series lathes, one is used with a little bit of pitting and surface rust in some areas while the other is new in the plastic wrap. The larger rectangular plate has a single bolt pattern measuring 45x80 millimeters. The smaller plate has a dual bolt...
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    Hurco CNC Lathe TM6i Static Bolt on Tool Blocks- Lot of 6, 1.25 ID

    A few months ago at an auction, I purchased two cabinets full of random tooling and other supplies. This was an all Hurco shop that had a fairly new TM6i lathe with the bolt on turret design. I found these tool holder blocks in the lots I purchased, and since I do not have any Hurco machinery I...
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    My last Haas arrived.

    I have worked with a lot of Haas machines during my short career, all being built between 2014 and 2018 to be specific. I have been called a Haas fan-boy before because I liked the machines I have worked on. They would hold tolerance and run without many issues. They are no Mazak or Okuma for...
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    QTN250MS Sub Spindle Removal Procedure

    I actually found your thread a few weeks ago when doing my initial research for this project. While the components are different, and the spindles themselves are different, the process was very similar. They both have shims to set the centerline height and for the most part, but the QTN did not...
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    New Haas door safety

    I do not know how they are doing the newest machines off the factory floor, but turning the set-up key always allows me to run the spindle with the doors open up to 750 RPM. It can be a bit finicky on our NGC machines built in 2018, but still seems to always work. One thing you can do is punch...
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    QTN250MS Sub Spindle Removal Procedure

    Absolutely, I will be making LOTS of phones and videos.....may have to make a YouTube video on the process as well.
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    QTN250MS Sub Spindle Removal Procedure

    I had spoken with a technician about the sub spindle ordeal before I purchased the machine. He too warned me about how the spindle is shimmed to get the centerline set, but said that most of the time the shim does not have to be modified or replaced if you are rebuilding the spindle that came...
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    QTN250MS Sub Spindle Removal Procedure

    This may be a bit of a long shot, but would anyone out there happen to have a written procedure, process, or general tips and tricks for removing the sub spindle from a 2005 QTN250MS? I recently purchased one of these for a really good deal. However, the sub spindle needs to have some work...
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    New Machine Day Mazak Vc EZ 20

    Very nice machine! I was able to see an EZ20 a few months ago, and I really like the EZ series from Mazak. There are definitely some things I find interesting to say the least (coming from a legacy Haas user) but the structure and overall build quality looks and seems great for a machine built...
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    New Machine Purchase

    Good insight. As far as my use case goes, about 50% of my capacity will be dedicated to components that I will make and sell myself, but there will be capacity (especially in the beginning) that will allow me to do job shop type stuff, ranging from one part to 500 pieces for instance. Having...
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    New Machine Purchase

    Thank you for your insight, this is the sort of information I was seeking. I too have heard from various sources that Ellison could be a bit poor on Service at times, but not needing a ton of service is another thing. Very nice, clean shop by the way.
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    New Machine Purchase

    Okuma would be a choice as well, but what they had to offer really didn't appeal to me, and the base starting price was considerably more than the ones I have mentioned here. I would be more willing to consider Okuma for a VMC instead, but that would be down the road a bit.
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    New Machine Purchase

    Interesting note about interrupted cutting and the alignment issues, I do not think I have heard of this before but it is something that I will keep in mind. The only conversational programming I have ever done is on a Prototrak or the Haas VPS, and comparing it to Mazatrol makes the Trak look...
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    New Machine Purchase

    Hello to the Practical Machinist forum! This is my first post here, so go easy on me. In short, I am looking at purchasing a turning center for my business and have narrowed it down to two choices: The Mazak QT-Ez 12MSY and the Doosan Lynx 2600SY. Both machines fit within my specs and offer...