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    Mitsubishi EDM DWC110SZ software loading problems

    I have problems to input system disk on machine no image on monitor after following normal procedure. I tried using floppy disk (3 FD) and using software on USB and emulator. Loading procedure looks like works but at the Time Machine is power off and on to load English disk or files nothing...
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    Alarm U827 reasons on FA10S

    At start up , after several minutes loading the software, main display appear. Hitting ready button appear alarm U827 asking to input parameter 0000. Not doing nothing machine shutoff by itself. All this happen after replacement of Z driver.
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    Cincinnati Dart 750 tool changer miss alignment

    What is the way to align tool on spindle. I need to turn about 1/8” carrousel but mechanical looks is not possible. Any password to modify like in Haas Mills. ?
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    Okuma Crown V

    Looking for 4 linear bearings for X axis. Due to poor Okuma service I am asking if somebody know the commercial part number. Appears are THK bearings.
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    Mitsubishi wire EDM CX20

    Problem with Contact On alarm as soon as machining is activated manually or by program What could be potential solution. ?
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    Mitsubishi DWC-110sz alarm U728 water coll.err

    What mean mean alarm or error U728 water coll.err on Mitsubishi wire edm DWC-110sz. ?
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    Charmille Form 2-LC

    Machine appear works with no issues but is eroding the carbon instead the work piece.sparks are visible. Any advice about how to erode the work piece. Ground appear is good. Changing polarity does not solve the problem. What is missing. Machine was purchase in an auction , an according with...