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    Scraping materials other than cast-iron

    A question for the scraping experts here: Microscopes and other optical instruments often have dovetail slides made of bronze, brass, or aluminum (sometimes hard anodized, but often not). They sometimes have milled slots for lubricant retention, but often not even that. They are usually not...
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    United States Navy machine tool markings

    Anyone familiar with the machine tool markings, usually in the form of stamped letters and numbers, used by the United States Navy, prior to 1960? I am trying to decode something stamped on an old shaper, which begins with “USN PROP”. I assume this would link it to the Navy, but this is about...
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    Smart and brown model L hardware

    I have recently picked up this one and I am wondering what the bed mounting screws were. Does anybody know? I assumed it would’ve been Whitworth thread, but it is definitely not 12 TPI, although it appears to be half inch. It is either 13 TPI 1/2” UNC, or something similar. As I am in Europe...
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    Trim Tool grinder

    I have recently acquired this tool grinder, manufactured in the UK by RJH. As you can see, it has some kind of sump with a drain plug in the front, which is much deeper than the bottom of the wheel. I do not have much experience with Tool grinders. What kind of fluid should I use in the...
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    European CE certification nonsense

    I have recently been told that one interpretation of the current EU regulations regarding CE certification requires machine shops to certify the parts they make, to comply. That is, if your shop is either located in the EU, or anywhere else in the world if you would need to send parts to the eu...
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    Small size tumbling media

    Does anyone here have experience tumbling small parts, about 1” square and 1/32” thick? It is mostly 304 stainless with very small features like small slots machined in it. The features are often smaller than 1/32”, and I’m wondering how small I should go with the tumbling media, to do a decent...