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    Hurco Tm6, Tm8, Tm10 leveling plates

    I have these two leveling plates for Hurco series lathes, one is used with a little bit of pitting and surface rust in some areas while the other is new in the plastic wrap. The larger rectangular plate has a single bolt pattern measuring 45x80 millimeters. The smaller plate has a dual bolt...
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    Hurco CNC Lathe TM6i Static Bolt on Tool Blocks- Lot of 6, 1.25 ID

    A few months ago at an auction, I purchased two cabinets full of random tooling and other supplies. This was an all Hurco shop that had a fairly new TM6i lathe with the bolt on turret design. I found these tool holder blocks in the lots I purchased, and since I do not have any Hurco machinery I...
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    QTN250MS Sub Spindle Removal Procedure

    This may be a bit of a long shot, but would anyone out there happen to have a written procedure, process, or general tips and tricks for removing the sub spindle from a 2005 QTN250MS? I recently purchased one of these for a really good deal. However, the sub spindle needs to have some work...
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    New Machine Purchase

    Hello to the Practical Machinist forum! This is my first post here, so go easy on me. In short, I am looking at purchasing a turning center for my business and have narrowed it down to two choices: The Mazak QT-Ez 12MSY and the Doosan Lynx 2600SY. Both machines fit within my specs and offer...