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    Seattle area manufacturing?

    I have never been to the west. Its a story, but I might spend some time in that area, and will have to self entertain during the day. I own a job shop in Milwaukee. So I'm hoping someone can educate me on what manufacturing is like in that area. How does it compare to Milwaukee?
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    Chevlier ed-252 help needed

    I bought a used ed-252 sinker. I can't get the pumps to go on, or the quill to move down. The book is relatively useless Does anyone have one of these and can guide me to what I'm missing?
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    resource for find used, universal robot or similar fanuc robot.

    Besides spending the next 6 months looking at auctions and school surplus sales... is there any good sources for finding a used robotic arm, with online programing, that I can make a welding cell or do cnc part loading. I don't want to spend on a new one, as this is just a trial, since I am...
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    Need info for tos boring mill

    I bought a tos h63 boring mill from 1966. I am looking for books or any insight to this hbm. Thanks
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    looking for machine moved illinois-wi

    Looking to find someone that can move a 8000lbs tos 2-1/2 h63 boring mill, from Olney Illinois to Milwaukee wi. Guy will load in Illinois. about a 5-1/2 hour ride. any suggestions or cost estimates? 5 foot 6" wide / 7 foot tall / 12 foot long
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    where to buy thick rubber sheets

    where does a guy buy sheets of 3/4" or 20mm belted rubber sheets?? Biggest part I'm waterjet-ing is 60 inch x 24 inch Anything close to wi?? Thanks
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    WTB: Eutectic spray weld torch

    Looking to buy a Eutectic terodyn 2000 or 3000 torch. I don't need regulators or hoses. Looking for the torch itself and maybe the flow meter. Maxwell [email protected] 414-534-6976
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    Help. FANUC OM poor finish in curves

    I have a Miyano drill and tap center with a fanuc 0M comtrol. 1994 year. When I cut a curve it produces a "faceted" finish, showing segments, like the servos are vibrating or not moving fast enough as it moves around the curve. This machine had the parameters lost and rebooted by a close...
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    Let’s see shop driveway gates

    Had a little issue that is now requiring I gate my driveway. Looking for some design inspiration. Currently thinking stainless and plasma cut aluminum sheet with some manufacturing related design in it. What do you have???
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    Shop air cleaners

    What is out there for decent air filters to keep some of the haze down and keep the walls white Bought a building in February to get the shop out of the garage. Mostly moved in and operating, after a ton of renovations, and noticed the haze in the lights on the ceiling for the first time...
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    Where to buy coolant pumps

    Looking to replace a few pumps. Looking to boost the flow on my two Haas mini mills, and replace the dying one on my Hardinge turning center. Where do you buy "standard" coolant pumps for a decent price with a decent build quality? (1/2 horse)
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    Info on Pacemaker lathe

    Looking at a pacemaker lathe. Would anyone have any info on this serial number. SN 62242-41 I believe it's a 20" raised for swing (around 26"), 120" between centers. What would be an average going cost for a ugly but mechanically sound pacemaker? Someone bust off the clutch handle at the...
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    WTB: Profilometer

    My old Taylor Hobson Surftronic 3 (1984 era) is showing its age. Just looking for something simple and accurate, and a bit newer Not brand specific.
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    Npt callout on drawing

    What’s the preferred way to call out a tapered pipe thread (internal) with gd&t?
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    Looking for mini mill coolant pump

    Looking for a working Hass mini mill coolant pump with the sheet metal "box" it mounts to. Should fit a 2007 mini mill, single phase 1/8 HP pump.
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    Sb nordic 15 clutches

    I had a issue with the reverse clutch on the lathe, tore them out and replaced with a straight shaft and using a vfd to control forward and reverse and some what of a brake. When I removed the clutches I found a needle bearing that came apart and I believe that was causing my clutch problem. I...
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    WTB: Hardinge Cobra 42 Tailstock

    Looking to get a tailstock for my 1998 Hardinge Cobra 42. All the switches and plumbing is there, someone took it off and put a plate over where it mounts. Need the pneumatic tailstock and the dovetail it rides on. The closer to Wisconsin the better! Thanks.
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    Single point threading garolite

    I have a opportunity to do some cnc lathe work in XX Garolite. Basically looks like a 3/8 -16 cap screw finished. How hard is this stuff to single point thread? Does it de-laminate pretty easily? I have milled the plenty of g10, but have yet to turn any composites This is the spec'd material...
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    Aquarium skimmer for coolant?

    Has anyone tried an aquarium skimmer for skimming oils off smaller coolant tanks? (less than 50 gallons) They are cheap and seem to do the same thing. Got the idea from my tooling rep.
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    Best 4th axis vise for this block?

    Im still rather new to 4th axis work, mostly 3 axis work. I have a part that would be perfect for the 4th, but no vise (custom fixtures in past). Its a haas hrt 160 Needs to hold a 2"x4"x6" chunk of aluminium such that the 6" is the long way out of the 4th. What is rigid enough for that...