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    Hardening tungsten?

    I'm in the process of designing a fixture which uses a piece of 3.2mm tungsten rod approx 150mm long as a stylis to follow a contour. I chose to use tungsten looking for something with a small diameter that would give me minimal flex over the 150mm length. What I got was 3.2mm. 0.3%...
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    Howa Knox diameter

    Does anyone know what the Knox diameter of a howa barrel is?
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    Colchester master taper turning attachment

    Hi all Looking for someone who has specific experience with Colchester master 2500 or student 1800 taper turning attachments. Does anyone know 100% if the cross slide screw is different on lathes that have a taper turning attachment? IE does the screw need to be longer for the thrust bearing...
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    Shrink fit dimension

    Hi all I have a 35mm diameter shaft 200mm long and need to shrink fit a 75mm OD X 35mm wide boss in the middle. Both shaft and boss are 1045 and I have the access to dry ice for the shaft and an oven for the boss so should be able to achieve 250deg C temp difference. I'd like the boss to end...
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    Through flush system

    Hi all, Looking to set up a system to flush cutting fluid through barrels while reaming chambers. Not a big percentage of gunsmiths go to the trouble of doing this (majority pull the reamer, Clean and re apply every .020" so takes a long time) Similar to this https://youtu.be/18F_6oEOTvg I...
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    What's the best way to inlet a barrel channel in the mill?

    As the title suggests how are you guys going about setting up and milling barrel channels for profiled barrels? The barrel is essentially conical so the channel needs tapered sides and bottom. And photos of setup or how you indicate centre and start of taper would be appreciated!
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    Reaming tips

    Hi all, Getting very close to having everything ready to cut my first chamber. This will be set up through the headstock with inboard and outboard spiders, chamber flush system running around 45psi and 1gal / min of ridgid dark cutting fluid flow with adjustment on both pressure and flow, have...
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    What was your first build?

    As the title suggests . . ..What was your first build? How'd it shoot? When you look back now do you shake your head? Haha Post some photos!!
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    Anilam / accurate scale

    Hi all I have a faulty anilam scale which from what I can tell are re branded accurite scales. This sounds like a common problem and one that is expensive to replace with genuine scale. Is there another scale that can be adapted to suit an anilam 450 display for less cost than a genuine?
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    Mazak manual threading

    Hi all Looking at the thread selection chart on a mazak ace. By that chart it can't cut 1.75mm or 14tpi and probably a few other less common threads. The lathe has interchangeable back gears BUT what I'm used to seeing is a chart that shows all threads then with each pitch it nominates the...
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    Removing surface rust

    Recently purchased a mill that has had very little use but has been storage for approximately 15yrs. It has obviously had some form of preservative but there is some light rust on the table and other surfaces that I'd like to remove. What is the best method to remove light rust like this...
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    Pro Trak mill?

    Does anyone have any experience with a 90s one of these TRAK DPM RX3 Toolroom Bed Mill - TRAK Machine Tools ? Looking at a used one for home use and would like to know quality, parts availability. The controller looks pretty basic but how do you go about using it as a manual machine for really...
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    One for the DSG fans

    Few DSGs for up for auction in Australia. I think AUD is sitting around .77USD so be interesting to see what you think of prices Grays 404 page
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    Converting tikka T3 to ppc

    Hi all! Looking at using some tikka T3 actions as platforms for fun project guns. Have several on hand already and parts are relatively cheap and available. They all have 308 bolt face. I know I can buy a mag to feed BR and PPC so thats a start. What I'm wondering is if the extractor could be...
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    PT&G Floating reamer holder

    Hi all, Does anyone have a PT&G floating reamer holder that they could tell me what the total radial "float" travel is. Also the maximum angular float. Guessing easiest way to tell would be to mount in the tailstock with an average length reamer inserted and indicate at the base of the reamer...
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    .20ppc reamer print

    Long shot but does anyone have a .20ppc reamer print to suit lap brass? Neck diameter is easy to adjust just chasing general body dimensions for lap brass not Sako / norma Don't even ask about "just get the manufacturer to send you the print"
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    PTG vs JGS reamer bushings

    Rito guys. . . .here's the situation. . . I've got a few mixed JGS and PTG HSS and carbide reamers that I've had other Smith's use to chamber barrels for me. Some I have my own bushing for and others I don't. Now I'm looking to get myself a set of bushings in each cal and a set of gritters...
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    Internal / external threading inserts

    Looking to purchase some internal and external threading tools for use on a manual lathe. Just wondering if I get a standard RH external tool and a LH internal tool would I be able to use the same inserts in both? Not looking to use full profile inserts
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    What floating reamer holder

    I'd love to run a rigid reaming setup but on an older manual machine I need to be a bit realistic so I'm in the market for a floating reamer holder to fit a MT3 Ive had a bit of a look at the PTG and JGS options. From what I can gather the main difference is that the PTG has angular alignment...
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    Tight NATO reamers

    I'm looking at chambering a couple of rifles and would like to have the option of using both NATO and .223rem and .308 win ammo if required. Has anyone here sat down and worked out what a realistic minimum spec chamber would be to suit both. Ie measured a good assortment of NATO and factory...