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    South Bend digitised label or logo for 1940s lathe data sheet

    Hi folks I need a South Bend label or logo to go on top of the threading data table I am working on. Link here: https://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/south-bend-lathes/metric-transposing-gears-early-heavy-10-a-385921/index3.html#post3703366 Has anyone already produced such a thing I can cut...
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    Metric transposing gears on early Heavy 10

    Hi Folks Thank you for having me. I am the proud owner of a 1942 Heavy 10. This machine came over to the UK during WW2 and was almost certainly used at Chatham Dockyard as the owner from which my brother bought it lived in Chatham, as my brother does to this day. Following the deaths of our...