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    QT250MY (Smooth) - Crashing when programming (M744AtTop)

    Hi All, Our QT250MY is crashing when we are programming a part, it seems to be graphics related. I wondered if anyone had seen similar issues? It is quite a complex program and it only seems to crash when the software tries to load the image/model of what you are programming. Thanks.
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    VCS430A (SMART) - "218 Conveyor Thermal" trip won't clear - No breakers tripped.

    VCS430A (SMART) - "218 Conveyor Thermal" trip won't clear - No breakers tripped. Hi All, We have a VCS430A and I had a thermal trip a couple of days ago, usually this only happens if the conveyor jams and trips the breaker. The usual breaker wasn't tripped in this situation and the conveyor is...
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    640T Buttons not working - soft keys. (QT250)

    Afternoon, We have a Nexus QT250 with the 640T control. We are having an issue where the soft buttons along the bottom of the screen stop working, ie the ones which allow you to enter program / program edit etc. The only one that does anything is the far right ">" button and the button for...
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    Machining 25Cr F55 Super Duplex - Cutting Advice??

    Afternoon All, I have a large billet of F55 to machine (320mm dia), I am looking for some advice on how best to go about this. Previously we rough machined similar items and left them out of the machine to "move" before finish machining. This was successful to a point but we still got further...
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    1 3/4" BSPP Help...?

    I have been asked to cut a Male 1 3/4" BSPP thread(1.75"), I am unable to find any real information on this thread. It appears that it isn't a standard size. Any advise on how best to go about cutting this accurately.
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    Can you drip feed a Mazak SMART control from a USB?

    Afternoon, Does anyone know if you can you drip feed a large program to a Mazak SMART control from a USB? Thanks.
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    NEXUS QT250 - MAZATROL 640T CONTROL - Freezing on start up???

    Hi All, Our machine above has just started to freeze on start up when the control tries to load, it freezes on with the image of the 640T on the screen (ie the screen is not blank so its not a screen issue). Has anyone experience anything similar to this and if so did you find the cause? Thanks.
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    Specialist CAM software vs Fusion 360...

    Hi All, I am new to the forum but I wondering if someone can help me understand something regarding modern cad/cam software. We use Edgecam (ultimate milling suite) for all of our offline programming but we also have Fusion360 for creating my 3D models. I have no experience of the CAM side of...
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    Oxford Precision Hardness Tester - Varying Results???

    Hi, We have a Oxford hardness tester and I am getting some strange results, the unit is less than 1 year old. It seems to measure correct when testing against all of my calibration blocks but when I test parts at a specific length (around 40mm) I am getting a low result (around 6Rc down). If...
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    VCS 430 (Smart Control) - Lost axis data (Battery flat over Christmas) - HELP.

    Hi All, So I thought I was doing a good thing by switching the machine completely off over our Christmas break (6 days) as it typically gets left on the rest of the year. I didn't ever have a low battery alarm prior to Christmas so didn't really think about it being a problem. I started the...
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    Machining 25Cr Super Dulplex (F55) forgings advice...?

    Hi, We are looking at machining some 25Cr super duplex forgings and I am looking for some advise on the best procedure/process for doing this? Ideally from somebody that machines this material on a regular basis if possible. We have only machined this material in limited amounts in the past...