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    To everyone who owns a cnc machine please read

    Our Fryer VB-60 came with the Siemens touch 2100 control. I don't know how many times in the first few months, some shit would happen and I'd lose everything. The control would revert back to German. It was a nightmare. They eventually straightened everything out. Expanded the tool and program...
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    Hiring new workers and pay scale of current workers, what options are there?

    LOL...when I first started, I was making $6.25 an hour...yikes. But yes it is depressing, I've seen shops offering starting wages at $12-14 an hour. Who the hell is that going to attract?
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    Hiring new workers and pay scale of current workers, what options are there?

    In an industry that is clearly understaffed and wanting of anyone to walk through their doors, it's a joke. The guy that offered me $18.50 an hour actually hounded me for months prior to our business closing. I was prepared to go to work for the guy. After that offer, I think it pushed me to...
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    Hiring new workers and pay scale of current workers, what options are there?

    Let's see for my experience (30+years)I was offered: this year $18.50 hrly + $750 monthly insurance OP $21.00 hrly + $1500 monthly insurance OP $24.00 hrly + $300 monthly insurance OP...catch was toxic work environment where I babysat $23.50 hrly, decent insurance starting day one. Bad fit for...
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    A new inflation reading shows the small business tipping point has been reached

    Didn't grow them...BUT made them happy. Bluejays, starlings, junkos, chickadees, cardinals, three kinds of woodpeckers, finches, chickadees, nuthatches...etc. And the stupid squirrels and deer eating from the feeders.
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    Dorian Dovetail Cutter and APT Chamfer tool

    That is cool I never noticed it. It is under a LED light. From your formula, I need to be in the $75 and lower range on the dovetail and chamfer tools. Next warm weekend, I need to actually lay things out and organize in lots. I've got carbide drills and mills by the computer, mics and...
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    A new inflation reading shows the small business tipping point has been reached

    It's funny I was looking for a receipt for something today. 40# of bird seed was $19.99 last year at a big box store, jumped to $20.99 in the late fall and is now $21.99....for F-ing bird seed.
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    Dorian Dovetail Cutter and APT Chamfer tool

    You are correct. The tooling market in general has always been a tough nut to crack for me. Live and learn.
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    Dorian Dovetail Cutter and APT Chamfer tool

    $100 plus shipping. I've got a house and garage with carbide drills and mills...etc. Some are listed on PM. Need to move them
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    Do I belong here?

    Looking back, I realize how lucky I was. My dad taught me everything I know. We never got along great when I lived at home BUT he was the absolute most patient, positive and knowledgeable teacher I could have ever had coming into a profession I knew zero about. That in itself instilled a passion...
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    Do I belong here?

    Some can be a bit abrasive on here. As my dad always told me, consider the source. Shrug it off. There are plenty of really bright people on here willing to help. I've got 30+ years of machining experience and try to offer what little I know. I walked away from machining and pursued a different...
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    Small Fab/Machine Shop

    Nice little shop. Wish you the best. Just enjoy the time with your Dad....it's priceless. Might want to protect the wall behind the lathe it'll get messy.
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    Retiring Successfully

    All great advice. I've learned so much after our place sold and closed.
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    O.T. ~ Get medical checkups.

    Had a colonoscopy at 45. Got a pass until 55. They had me do the Cologard. Everything ok. I've made use of the paid physicals since my later 40's. I was a little overweight then and the blood numbers were a little off. Went a little extreme with everything. Went from 211 to 170. I started...
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    Machining fads you have seen come and go

    Conversational programming!?! I used the shit out of it for machining at our shop. Unfortunately, it hasn't done me any favors in the job market.
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    OT - Help me understand Hi-Fi speakers

    When I worked alone on Saturdays, I'd pair my phone up with an older Sony bluetooth speaker my nephew gave me. Sound wasn't the greatest (not like the NHT's I have at home) but it made the half day I was there enjoyable.
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    Bad new neighbor..options?

    Maybe if you talked to him, he could baffle the rear of his speakers to deaden it a little. I remember when I first got married we had a college kid living above us. He would get home late a figure it was time to crank the stereo.
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    Bad new neighbor..options?

    Sounds familiar. We had a crossfit gym that was actually two spaces down from us. We'd get the bass thumping, barbells with weights dropping and non-stop shouting but it never bothered me. We made our own noise....compressor, die and DA grinders and various squealing of metal sounds.
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    0t--images for sensitive new age guys

    Reminds me of one I was first learning in 88. Daughter was born the end of July. We had one car. I'd drive my family over to shop (we had one machine in a rented space) after the day job and meet my mom and dad. Ladies would sit on the other side of the shop while the old man taught me how to...