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    Steady post trade for South Bend lathe.

    Hello folks I have this steady post that I need to trade for one for my South Bend heavy 10. The picts are posted bellow. Where should I direct my search to get my South Bend steady post. I also posted the serial number of my lathe for more info.
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    Heavy 10 spindle nut loosing off

    It is me again, with another Q? . for those who are getting familiar already let me tell yuo guys that I already got the tailstock that I was looking for, i bought it on ebay , waiting for it to arrive. i hope this is the good one. well the nut of the headstock spindle is loosing off from...
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    tailstock matching wrong in my south bend heavy 10

    Here is two pits one is the almost finished restoration of the south bend that I bought a few weeks, I posted picts when I bought it, the Jkull sent me the threading chart tag , but now I found out that the tailstock that came with the lathe does not match , it is about 5/16 above center. so...
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    Heavy 10 restoration and troubles.

    Hi I posted a few weeks ago about my new south bend, since then I have been working on it, after a lot of cleaning etc I got to the point to start cutting, but... I just realize that the tailstock that came with my lathe does not belong to it , it is about 5/16 above center, however when I...
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    Need threading chart

    Hi guys I just bought an old south bend this is the serial number or what ever number it is on the end of the bed, I think this will help you guys to help me to get the threading chart that is hard to see on this machine, I need to know where to get info about my new toy, I am restoring...