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    OT - Questions to ask at an interview (for a machine shop)

    Thank you everyone! You've been incredibly helpful. The interview is later today, so hopefully I can ask some questions that let them know I'm serious about being a good candidate, and don't say anything stupid. Hah.
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    OT - Questions to ask at an interview (for a machine shop)

    Unfortunately I have come to the conclusion I need to leave the company I work for and find someone different. I am in process of getting an interview for a place lined up, but I'm trying to think of questions to ask the interviewer. The position, to my understanding, is a quality inspection...
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    What's in your toolbox? - EDM Edition

    Morning folks! I've come into possession of my own personal toolbox, and I need things to fill it with! The shop I work for supplies most of the equipment needed for setups and tear downs, but it never hurts to have personal items just in case, I figure. What are some good tools to keep on...
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    Getting flux and other gunk off PCD - What is your method?

    This one goes out to all the synthetic diamond cutters. When you have gunk on the tables of your PCD, what do you use to get it off? Generally Xylomate works for us, and harder substances we use old Papermate Union erasers. Sadly, you can't really *find* those erasers anymore, so we're looking...
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    Where do you buy your wire?

    Morning folks! I'm curious, what brand of wires do you all use, and where do you purchase them from? I'm not necessarily dissatisfied with our wire, but I'm always on the hunt for something better. Any leads on soft to half hard zinc coated wire (.008") would be a bonus! We currently use...
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    OT - Mild rant about the price of used cars, and where to even find them?

    I leave yall alone for one day and this is what I come back to, lol. I've sifted through the ramblings, thank you all who've given suggestions and tips! I'll definitely check out the websites listed, and put in a little more research as well to make sure we know what we want.
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    OT - Mild rant about the price of used cars, and where to even find them?

    All good advice, thank you! And thank you everyone else so far, too!
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    OT - Mild rant about the price of used cars, and where to even find them?

    I uh... I'm a woman, and my partner is a man. But I mean, yeah, okay. lol.
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    OT - Mild rant about the price of used cars, and where to even find them?

    My partner is in the market for a used car. Where do you look for them, aside from dealership websites? With the chip shortage cars seem hard to come by - let alone for any sort of reasonable price - but the repairs on his vehicle are starting to total over its worth, and he's ready for...
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    Should I Go to school for CNC / Machinist Technician?

    Well I think you should absolutely do it! CNC is a blooming field with shops going more and more by the side of computer and tech for their machines than manual. And its never to late to learn something new. I support you 100%!
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    Good employee with bad attitude - need some sage advice

    Proper communication often falls flat in the work environment, especially between manager and employee. Its important to remember that even though he can be difficult to talk to, talking to him is still the best way to go about any problem. You're both adults, and if you have respect for this...
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    Wire dig in at internal corners

    When programming your wire path are you accounting for kerf? For width of the wire? My immediate thought is the wire path is too close to the part, so when it reaches the radii it dwells a little too long and burns a little too much material. If you are accounting for both things, then I'm not...
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    OT: The rotary motor that powers life

    What you do on your own time is between you and the.... oh, nevermind. :D
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    Cincinnati - Who is this?

    Yup! Fives is a big ass company that owns a bunch of other companies, hah. I work in the High Precision Machining Division, but you'll tell from the site there's an assortment of different things offered.
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    Cincinnati - Who is this?

    I have nothing of value to add, I just wanted to mention my shock at someone mentioning Fives, as thats who I work for! There's a weird sense of pride when someone else recognizes your company. (Even though its a big global conglomerate, I feel like no one knows about it.)
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    Routine Maintenance of a Wire EDM Machine

    That is incredibly helpful, thank you!
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    3d models for free

    You do excellent work, Andy! I'm a big fan of jewelry, and your designs are beautiful. If I had the means to have it produced I'd commission you for a model.
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    Routine Maintenance of a Wire EDM Machine

    It is Pat! I've had the pleasure to meet him once so far, he is indeed a good guy. He came by when I first started my EDM training, so I was a bit too busy with other things to shadow him. But this time, I'm ready.
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    Routine Maintenance of a Wire EDM Machine

    Thank you guys for your input! Our Fanuc service tech comes around about once a year, next time he's here I will shadow him and learn some of the more nuanced maintenance rituals for the specific machines I have. I also appreciate yall telling me some things to keep in mind/look for in the meantime!
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    Routine Maintenance of a Wire EDM Machine

    So in my shop I have a feeling I'm soon going to become very responsible for the upkeep of several Fanuc Wire EDMs. I know to move the electrodes, replace the bearings in the heads, and replace the guides occasionally. And, of course, keep the tank clean. I'm also going to become privy to when...